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  1. I hope you're alright … I always loved walking around Houston St./LES at night.. the roads get all dark & mysterious and you easily stumble upon unexpected things… and sometimes spotting burlqesque shows through windows… other times freaks and celebs… I used to walk around Jackson Heights/82-90th st and Northern Blvd too when I lived there; like being in a latin American country…

    1. I'm good – just busy. And lots of stuff going on.

      I love walking down there at night! But now that I'm married and a homebody, that happens less and less. I'm assuming that you get to go to some pretty nice places (walking-wise) where you are. So jealous…

      1. Nah I'm pretty limited here stroll-wise as I'm surrounded by mountains. At some point you can only walk steeply uphill — for that I need to be geared up for a hike. ha

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