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Some Thoughts on Writing by Jess C. Scott

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Hello Logan Readers!
I came across Logan’s website through a couple of blog posts which he wrote:

I always like reading about different cultures and interracial relationships, so I could really relate to the first link!

With regard to Logan’s second, I had a recent similar experience with one of these websites charging a high fee for a book review provided by a “professional.”

It’s one thing to allow people to share their own opinions. It’s another thing to pay people who purport themselves to be “professional reviewers” and end up providing subjective opinions instead of objective criticism.

The first thing I noticed about my review was that it contained a factual error, which undermined how objective or thorough the reviewer was with their critique. I didn’t feel that I got what I paid for with that particular transaction, which is why I requested a refund through my credit card company. The credit card honored my request after I wrote a couple of emails with supporting evidence to back up my case.

Logan and Jess: 2
Kirkus: 0

Thankfully, I’ve had much better experiences with other writing and publishing endeavors.One was at the 2012 Singapore Writers Festival where I met several poets and writers who were extremely talented but refreshingly down-to-earth. I had a little luck in the romance/relationships department as well, with a sequence of events that certainly outdid my imagination… (Logan edit: more info!)

Meeting those artists was very important. It reminded me of the reason(s) I like to write, and that writers who love to write respect the craft of writing. It has also inspired me to raise the bar for myself, so that I don’t get stuck in a writing rut.

Everyone has their own reasons for writing and it’s important for a writer to be aware of those reasons.I hope other writers relish the unique ups and downs of their own publishing journey too. You never know who you’ll meet or get to know, who you’ll inspire or be inspired by, as a result of something you happened to write, whether it’s published online on a blog or through other means.

Isn’t that what makes life all the more interesting? 🙂


JESS C SCOTT has work appearing or forthcoming in Word RiotBards & Sages QuarterlyOpEdNews, Akashic Books (Thursdaze series), and The Maine Review. San Francisco Book Review describes her novel Playmates as “a psychological thriller at its best.” Jess participated in a literary debate at the 2012 Singapore Writers Festival. Her website is and her blog is at:

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