Happy New Year!

(c) Nadya Mittenhat
Him: There’s no place like New York City.
Me: There really isn’t.


Just a female friend. But it looks like something more, doesn’t it? Well, I’ll take a pretty lie over the ugly truth most nights. Fridays in particular.

Anyway, speaking of pics, could you send me a pic of your New Year’s?

I wanna know how it was for you in your world.

Location: the ending of 2007, waiting for 2008
Mood: wishful
Music: I shine a little more lately

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Location: in front of the tube, with a Coors Light
Mood: better
Music: Hielten sich fuer schlaue Leute

Hey, for everyone that volunteered for my project, apologies I’ve been out of touch. Things are nuts. I’ll follow up soon, gimme a bit.


Up and out at 7AM. Worry, worry, super scurry. Finally stopped at 9PM. Hate, hate, hate. Tired. Too tired to go home so I went to see the rents. Ate lunch at 9:30PM.

Was beat but my dad said, Let’s watch a little more of The War. So tired but I said, OK. It’s not like I sleep.

In the middle of part three, where the Marines were at Tarawa, he asked me to pause it. He said, “Y’know why I came here? To America? Because if I was born just 10 years earlier, I would have had to kill Americans. I would’ve had to hurt this country I love so much. But I was lucky. I just missed all that. I wanted to go to America. I said I would be brave because I was lucky.”

I don’t know why but that made total sense to me. It made my day slightly less craptastic.

Midnight. Guess it’s time for dinner.



Holidays are hard, yeah?


I did alotta living last Friday night after work.

Event 1
I went to another office party – I think maybe my fifth? It’s one of the perks of being a consultant. The usual: food, handshakes and drinks.

Event 2
Met up with Hazel for a drink on the UWS where I ran into a woman, Cia, I just met earlier on in the week. I also chatted up two British girlies but I was beat and hopped home at midnight.

Event 3
At 1AM, I was still up so Cain and I decided to grab a drink in our local bar. So out I went again. There I ran into Cia for the third time. My hood is tiny.

Event 4
As soon as I got home at 2AM, Gio rang me. He got his Xmas bonus and wanted to hit the town. “Dude, I’m beat, I just went to…,” I started when he interrupted, “I got a car, a wad of cash, and you never turn down an invitation.”


Soon, I’m hurtling down the West Side Highway and grab superstar parking outside an underground club. There I got shut down for the second time since I became single. The last time it happened the same way, “You’re a talker, go talk to her.” I swear, fastest way to get self-conscious. Twice in 18 months is not bad but still – Totally. Shut. Down.

Gio was amused. Me, not so much. Ah, who am I kidding? I know what I am. We called it a night at 4AM.

Event 5
But Gio’s hungry and I’m a pig. So we grabbed the whip and hit up Blue Ribbon for a late night seafood dinner. I accidentally ate all the lobster. I was amused. Gio, not so much. We sat next to this gorgeous twenty-something blond and her older French date. Gio and I chatted with her a lot, something French dude wasn’t happy about.

He kept trying to hold her hand and I wanted say, “Dude, dude, dude, please…have some pride. She’s a fetus.”

Just as we were getting up to go, she engaged us in conversation again so we sat down and chatted with her a bit more. I contemplated slipping her my card but I reconsidered. Gio told me I should have. Eh…

I woke up four hours later on his couch, stretched and went home. Stepping outside I thought, My friends rock so hard, before I slipped underground.

Location: 19:00 yest, coming home
Mood: exhausted
Music: Heartbreak, cigarettes and songs, with a winter’s chafe


I’m a hazard to myself / Fiona / The War

Location: on my family couch watching the tube
Mood: slightly poisoned
Music: always in a fight cuz I can’t do nothin right

I almost accidentally killed myself this Christmas.

See, I spent the weekend moving stuff into my new office and wrestled on Saturday. My neck was killing me. So, at the rents, I popped about four tabs of naproxen. Then at night, I took about four tabs of Tylenol PM. I woke up the next morning and popped two more tabs of naproxen cause my neck was still busted.

BUT it turns out my mom actually ran out of naproxen and put Tylenol into the naproxen bottle for reasons she doesn’t remember. So I took 5000mg ((4+4+2)*500mg) of Tylenol within six hours – a potentially lethal dose. Luckily, my brother realized this before I took any more.

Man, I’m my own worst enemy.


Fiona and I aren’t right for each other. It’s not her fault – as usual, it’s mostly me. My hands shake so much that I’m only able to use about 10% of my night shots. She’s already gone.

I need another camera with an anti-shake feature like this, but fast. The pictures I take remind me that the things I write about really happened.


I’m watching The War with my father and brother. Crazy isn’t it? To see how close we are to angels and animals at the same time. I forgot to breathe more than a few times.

Seems like some things never change.

Dunno why, but I find it appropriate for the holidays.


Happy Xmas / Holidays

Location: saying goodbye on 75th and Amsterdam
Mood: sotted
Music: She looked at me and said you’s a baby right?

A Charlie Brown Xmas as performed by the cast of Scrubs.


I kissed a woman tonight who was lovely. I wish I got her name. She smelled like vanilla and thought I was gay. And I met another woman who said she was good. We’ll see.


Someday, I’ll Flow

You know the drill,
peace and goodwill.
We know it but don’t show it,
we want it but can’t find it.
There’s a sign up above,
that maybe it’s love.
Or maybe it’s just
something ’bout us.
That, I dunno,
I’m just lettin’ it go
praying to God,
that someday, I’ll flow.

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Bachelor Cooking Ep 2 Outtakes

Location: 14:30 yest, speeding down the 495
Mood: busy
Music: Take it slow Take it easy on me

This is, IMHO, one of the funniest things we’ve done together. If you’ve watched none of the others, watch this one.


I spoke to a friend recently about my now pretty much dead dating life.

Him: Really? Nuthin?

Me: I got zero time. (thinking) Although, do you remember Brunette Stockbroker from that office party? Well, she did slip her number into my shirt pocket before the end of the night. I might…

Him: (interrupting) You know that she’s X’s girlfriend, right?

Me: (sigh) Well, now I do…so yes, nuthin…


Secret Project II

Location: 22:30, yest., hitting something on 72nd
Mood: better
Music: I don’t care…As long are you’re here

A brief break from Bachelor Cooking, just to keep you on your toes. Thanx to Seemore for putting our last vid up on her cooking page; to ouijacat for sending me the above and prodigallyyours for her nice words – I was feeling craptastic because I spoke to my grandmother recently.

Me: Something’s come up. I can’t come.

Her: It’s been almost five years. (long silence) You promised.

Me: I know, (clearing throat) I know.

I felt murderous but Johnny’s traveling and Bryson’s busy so I spent Saturday working with my coach, Koshen. I also just walked in from fencing. Y’ever just wanna break stuff?

Man, I wanna break stuff.


Seemore reminded me that I’ve got a project in my head. Remember the last insomnia driven project I had? It turned out well, I thought, and now I need volunteers again. Involves drinking so drinkers and foodies welcome.

More practical than art. If you wanna help, shoot me an email: logan607 at hotmail.


Bachelor Cooking III

Location: finally back home
Mood: freezing
Music: I foresee terrible trouble And I stay here just the same

I should note that I (a) really needed a haircut, (b) was wearing a REALLY large tee-shirt and (c) I had little sleep before the shoot. But I thought it was funny, even if I look terrible.

This week, I’m posting nothing but vids – no pics.


I worked most of the weekend however I did venture out at night. Friday was a story in itself but I ended walking some two miles home in the cold just because I was awake. For a moment I almost called someone that I knew I shouldn’t but by then I was already sober. Just as well.

Saturday, I spent about four hours in the gym. I met up with in_a_silver_bag at night because she was in town. She and her friend were troopers and braved the freezing cold to have some of my favorite aged rum with me.

She told me that I was pretty much like I am in my blog. I think that’s a good thing.

Sunday I saw Rain, L and company for a short holiday party after church. It was good to see them again if only for an hour.

There’s never time enough.


A Bachelor, cooking (Ep. II)

Location: 17:00, walking in the rain
Mood: wide #@$@$ awake
Music: I try, I try Never gonna fall for modern love

For those of you that never saw these, especially my two readers that I know could use a laugh. If you like it, please forward this vid. I’m trying to convince Rain that we should do it again. Lemme know if it makes you laugh. It was the start of Lorin and Ray and 72nd to Canal.

Yes, I know the sauce was runny. We were running outta time.

I had to get to the church on time.


I think too much. It’s one of the problems with constantly being awake. That’s why I’m always looking for a distraction. I’ve got an idea for another secret project and, like last time, I’ll need your help. Details next entry. But until then, I’ve got to find some other way to entertain myself.

The German girlfriend was awesome in this regard because at 2AM it was her 8AM and we’d chat as she drove to work. Funny what you miss, huh? But I digress. I’m knee-deep in lawsuits, charts, spreadsheets and documents so a girlfriend is not in the cards at the moment.

However, I’ve got fresh strawberries in the fridge and a pot.

I think I’ll make a compote.



I’m right

I’ll be posting a lot less these days. I’m so insanely busy that I may have torpedoed yet another perfectly fine relationship. One day, I’m gonna run outta chances. I’ve already run outta rum.

In A Few Good Men: Lt. Daniel Kaffe says, upon entering a courtroom, “So this is what a courtroom looks like.”

Recently, I stepped into a courtroom for the first time since law school. My opposing counsel was a young woman. I remember when she walked in, I thought, She’ll be the one I go against and I was right.

Her: Where’s your lawyer?Me: I’m representing myself – I’m a lawyer. I’m actually…
Her: (interrupting) Whatever. Did you file your notice of appearance?
Me: Um…that is…?
Her: (shocked) Are you ____ing me?
Me: (shaking head) No. (pause) Can I borrow your pen?
Her: (disgusted) What kinda offer’s that?
Me: Miss, I may not know what to file where or what something’s called. And I sorta got lost coming here. But I know the law and I know I’m right. And you know it too. So tell your client, that’s my offer. (pause) You know I’m right, miss.
Her: (long pause, sigh) Lemme call her. 



Her: You should be a litigator. You would do well.
Me: (shaking head) Thank you. But no. 36 months. Then I’m out.
Her: You did well. (she repeated, holding out hand) Good luck.
Me: (shaking her hand) Thank you, I’ll take it. Happy holidays, miss.
Her: Happy holidays.

Four more to go.

I walked in the door an hour ago. I’d kill for a good stiff drink right now. Or sex. Or a good fight.


Location: 30 mins ago, looking for an open liquor store, chick or a fight
Mood: tired and vicious
Music: mercy baby I do not know what this all means