Got rid of two bookshelves

Traveling and shredding


Wife: Now that it’s cooled down, maybe we should go somewhere.
Me: I liked you better when the summer sapped your will to live.

Last week, was all over the place again.

On Tuesday, headed to Inwood for a client meeting but they gave me the wrong address (!?) so I had to cab it out to The Bronx.

Then off to Queens, Long Island, back to Manhattan, out to New Jersey, and then a series of nondescript motels for the rest of the week. Pretty exhausting.

Did have a chance to see my parents, the in-laws, and some fish tacos at a Cheesecake Factory, though. So not a complete washout.

This week is just more work.

Fish Tacos at the Cheesecake Factory

Been trying to minimize the amount of paper/books I have so I’ve either been:

  1. buying ebook versions of my favorites and donating the physical versions to the guy that sells books on the sidewalks OR
  2.  heading over to Kinkos, cutting the spine off of them, and then scanning them into my computer to read on my tablet.

Must have done this for over 100 books in the past week.

Insomnia does have its (limited) benefits.

Her: Nice, you got rid of a whole bookshelf!
Me: (pointing to corner) Two. I got rid of two bookshelves.


Location: back home, for now
Mood: busy
Music: Finally I’m where I want to be, I didn’t think this life was gonna be for me
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2 Replies to “Got rid of two bookshelves”

  1. I’m intrigued by the idea of hacking the spines off your books and scanning them to read on your tablet. What’s the process you’re using on the scanner? Are you doing text recognition or just reading the scans?

    1. Hola! Yup, it’s $1.49 a cut at Kinkos and (usually) for similarly-sized books in a series, they’ll stack them and do it as one cut.

      Then I pop it into the high speed scanner I have and scan it in black and white at about 600 dpi. I then usually run it through an OCR to get the file size into a manageable size. I get some pretty clear scans this way and it renders nicely on my Nook HD+ and Windows tablet.

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