Marian Fisher

It’s hard to be brave in life. This girl named Marian Fisher was brave. People should know about her.

I was reading this article about the Amish girls that were killed the other day. The first to die was a 13-year old named Marian Fisher who asked “Shoot me first.” Her younger sister Barbie then said “Shoot me second.” Barbie survived. The thing is that that these kids never watched TV nor movies – they didn’t learn to be brave by why some actor taught them. They just were brave.

It’s hard being a Christian in the city – I admit, enjoy my sinful life a bit more than I should. But these are people who are at peace, even when they’re not.

It’s also hard having faith and being brave. I’m 20 years older than that girl was and half as brave (if that).

Maybe I just need a little more faith.

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Hmmm. You know what Logan? I don't think people like her are brave because they have faith, but because they have something greater to die for. Maybe it could be the faith that there is somewhere more beautiful waiting. Or it could just be that their family or cause…is more important to them than their life. I dunno. Maybe the more we see of this world the more we question what we have faith in…or our lack of it. Don't worry, though. I believe when we are forced to face our own fate, such as death, we all have the opportunity to become stronger.

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