Istanbul (or Constantinople)

In my dating life, I’m meeting a lot of pescetarians from New Jersey. I’m not sure how I’ve come across this niche. Is it me or them?

I’m meeting a lot of pescetarians lately

I’ve had the worst sleep schedule these days. Plus I’ve got a full social roster this week. Luck of the draw, really. I decided not to go to the Ed Koch banquet and instead meet up with some friends for a small social thing. I’m sure Ms. Right will be somewhere in that banquet, however, I’m a mess.

But I digress.

Topic from last post: girlie. Here’s the interesting thing about her:

  1. She’s a full-on vegetarian. Not even a hint of fish. That’s six in a row.
  2. She also over 5’7″ That’s five in a row.
  3. She’s also a multiple pet owner. That’s three in a row.
  4. She has the same name as No. 7. That’s two in a row.

But she is NOT from New Jersey. Ah, something different. She is, however, from another country. Just my luck, eh?

The next girl I meet will just eat nuts & grass and live in Istanbul (or Constantinople). I know it.

Seriously, I need to know: Is it me?

Maybe it’s my cologne.

No, it must be me.
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