Do I look like a people person?

I’m wearing a shirt that says, Do I Look Like a F___ People Person?

Made it home yesterday. Met two women on their way home too but home for them was Boston. Such is my luck.

It was dismal outside. Was gonna stay in when my flatmate reminded me that the reason I rushed home was to enjoy the Fourth. So I met up with my friend L. As you would expect, I totally missed the whole East Side Fireworks display but she and I did go out with some friends to eat.

Afterwards, I walked her home and got drenched. Totally soaked. So I took a shower at her place, borrowed this dead-sexy shirt, and crawled onto her sofa to crash. Her roommate Locationgirl was there and asked me over and over “Why are you here?” Didn’t understand the question until after they went to bed.

She meant, What are you doing here with L?


So I lay there for a bit and the ticking of the fan and the thunder kept me up. After about two hours of that, the rain finally stopped and I gave up trying to sleep. I left L a note, quietly left, took a cab back up to my pad and am about to crawl off and lie awake in my own bed.

In this snazzy shirt no less.

Location: home again
Mood: exhausted
Music: I woke up to the sound of pouring rain


  1. I sometimes wonder if people think I'm making up stuff in this blogNot at all. I thought your past blogs were pretty sincere, albeit sad (not miserably, pitifully sad, but just sad).Be happy dammit!I don't wanna be happy alone!

  2. We missed the fireworks too! -_-Why didn't you place your camera lower so we can see your snazzy shirt! (See, now I think you're just making stuff up!) ^_~I'm in Boston right now! … vancouver girl who was in nyc yesterday but boston today…

  3. I'm ecstatic.No I'm not being sarcastic. I'm actually genuinely happy. Until the next PMS comes along at least(TMI).Glad you're happy as well.

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