Das ist fuer dich

Went on a date with the Berlingirl I met earlier. She told met the English words she loved, like “actually” and brought me a gift. Single life is fun at times.

Went on a date with the Berlingirl


I saw Berlingirl again the other day:

Her: I like your happy words, like lovely and wonderful. I also like hilarious, what a great word! And actuallyactually is actually so useful!
Me: (nodding) It is.
Her: I brought you something. (hands me a gift)
Me: Lemme guess, it’s a baseball.
Her: Funny…No, but it does come with a catch – is that how you say it? You have to drink it with me here before I go or with me in Germany someday. (pause) Unless you drink it with the woman you love.
Me: (laughing) Fair enough.

Life is long and the world is small. I’m sure I’ll see her again.


Almost a year ago, I wrote this. After I walked the girl to where she was staying, I ducked into the 24 grocery on Broadway. That same manager saw me and gave me a big smile.

Him: How’s everything my young friend?
Me: It’s a beautiful night – I’ve no worries, no troubles.
Him: (nodding) That is a beautiful night.

Location: 12AM, 86th and Broadway
Mood: content
Music: she knows I know what she’s thinking
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