One good thing

Thank Goodness for the Good Souls

I pray every night. Dunno if you knew that.

Last night, I said, I know I’ve been given so much already but can I just get one good thing tomorrow? Just to help me through this rough patch? I got several.

  • I passed my exam!
  • You guys sent me both happy and stupid.
  • Six friends called me to see how I was and I had this following conversation recently about my situation:

Me: …so that’s what happened.
Him: Wow, I’m sorry.
Me: Yeah, I don’t see how it could be worse.
Him: (thinking) My father just died. He’s all the family I had. I’m a 29-year old orphan now.
Me: (pause) Well, that beats me. (laughing) I got your drink.

Thank goodness for the good souls, yeah?


This will be my last post on my situation until I resolve it. I’ll be back with the irrelevant tomorrow.

Location: 9PM, fencing in the UWS
Mood: terrible
Music: One good day of the week and I’ll be up again


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