Breathe, me, breathe…

I know my lines and try not to cross them, but this is a blog, after all. How much is too much to tell?

How much is too much in a personal blog?


Can someone gimme my old life back?

Also, anything pre-2001 would be good too, and 1990 would rock so hard.

In any case, if you’re reading this, you probably either blog yourself or read blogs regularly.

Question: How much is too much in a personal blog?

OK, clearly this is too far but what about that grey area in-between? Note that, before you answer, I already know what is right for me – I’ve made my decisions.

I know my lines and I don’t cross them.

But I’m interested in your opinion, purely for my own curiosity.

For the skirts that read my blog, say you met me and I told you on the third date I had a blog, what would you think?

And what about the rest of you? Do I kiss and tell too much?

Not that I….ever…you know…actually get to…kiss anyone…

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I would think you are more open to new things. Open to other opinions and comfortable with others yet when the time comes to being open to someone you like and meet may be different. Most of the time people fall into an extreme and the hardest thing in life is balance. This is a jumble of thoughts that came to mind when I read your question.

Are you kidding me? Wait til this person read my blog!No, I do not find your blogs in any way over-revealing. On the contrary, they always leave me wanting for more, hence why I keep returning. That says a lot about you as a writer.

Lani – Thanks for your comment. Since I wrote it, sometimes it's hard for me to hear how it sounds to others.The Me – Ah, there you are. Such a nice compliment to get on a Saturday morning when I'm (sadly) in the office.

Perhaps I should finally introduce myself. I admit, I've been stalking you for a little while. You manage to capture the very thoughts I have owned myself. Every once in a while you express yourself with such clarity that I find myself simultaneously moved, and a bit envious of your abilities. As for this type of communication: I'd like to think that given the right circumstances, we would have the courage to leave our comfortable, secure, and never changing lives to not only discover the world but to find ourselves. Keep writing.

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