You and I know the reason why / Her

Location: 20:00 yest, caught in the rain
Mood: slightly less sick
Music: We’d spend our days travelin’

I fell in and out of imaginary love driving past 66th Street and Fifth Avenue. She was wearing jeans with a black hat, waiting for the light to change. She looked at me and we locked eyes. Just a moment really, but it seemed longer.

I dunno why, but I thew her a wink and she burst out laughing. So she blew me a kiss and waved as she crossed the street. I laughed by myself in my car. For a moment I thought about calling out to her but then I figured, why ruin a perfectly good moment?

The light changed anyway, as it always does so she and I blended back into the 8.2. Maybe it was her again – I still have her heart.

It’s finally Friday. I’m still sick but I think I’m good enough to have some red rum and daydream about Her and what might’ve been.

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if you lived in california or i in new york, i think you'd be someone i would like to know on a personal level. you have a way with words. subtle. something about them makes me wish for more.

What a poignant moment. At first I was confused (why the hell didn't you get her number?) but then I realized what you meant with not ruining a perfect moment. Great post!Regards,Leia-Ann

I'd blow random kisses if guys took the time to wink. Doesn't happen in my neck of the woods though. You're turning into a great resource for music that I have never heard of, but really like. =)

Alana – That's awesome to know. I was planning on asking people what they thought of my musical tastes. I'm glad you like the songs I use; I try to promote music I like that isn't so well known.

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