My favorite picture

Location: 21:00 punching someone off West End Ave
Mood: excited
Music: don’t have to wait for words I can walk away and listen to the birds

Had the best news tonight when I realized that I had no one to share it with. Called someone because I wanted to but she didn’t pick up. Sad but not completely unexpected.

Gonna keep some more things to myself if you don’t mind; let’s just say, I got a tiny win today. Just a little. And that’s something.

Also, my fencing instructor said I was high intermediate – just under expert, which made me all sortsa warm and fuzzy too, in a cutthroat kinda way. I also talked to L and Pretty Jenny, botha whom reminded me how nice it is to have friends that are still on your side.

Finally, I found this picture after months of looking for it. It’s one of my favorites. I think that’s a hawk in the NYC sky.

Hey there, blue sky. Did y’miss me?

I’ve missed you.

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Fun Factoid for Logan:So, the peregrine falcon used to be on the endangered species list. In order to raise their population, a bunch in captivity were released not into the wild but into New York City. The tall buildings resembled their natural mountainous habitat. They had plenty of pigeons to hunt with no other natural predators to harm them. Apparently this idea worked because last I read, they weren't on the endangered species list anymore.How nerdy am I.

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