She and I (did what?)

Using “I” when you’re supposed to use “me,” makes you sound the opposite of what you want. Also, a “gyro” is pronounced “jai-ro.”

When to use “I” and when to use “Me”

Second Ranty post in over two years.

I is only ever the subject of a sentence. It is NOT correct to use I as the object. Ever.

To figure out when to use I, subtract the additional person and conjunction to see if it sounds ridiculous. eg:

  • She and I went to the store.
  • She and me went to the store.
    • I went to the store.
    • Me went to the store.

Ergo: She and I went to the store.

  • Here are pics of my girl and I drinking rum.
  • Here are pics of my girl and me drinking rum.
    • Here are pics of I drinking rum.
    • Here are pics of me drinking rum.

Ergo: Here are pics of my girl and me drinking rum.

While on the topic of crap grammar:

  1. ie means, in other words – you can remember this because both begin with i
  2. eg means, for example – you can remember this because it begins with e
  3. gyro is pronounced jai-ro not yee-ro – you can remember because this you’re not a pompous jerk:

Pompous Jerk: You mean a yee-ro?
Me: No, kid. If we were in Athens, I’d mean yee-ro. But we’re in a tiny hell-hole greasy spoon in Queens (turning back to counterman, “No offense, dude,”). We don’t say, “res-toe-ran” for a “restaurant,” we don’t say shed-du-el for schedule. You don’t say yee-ro-scope, do you? Why, outta 880,000 words, the special exception for a meat sandwich? So please back up off my grill and lemme order my jai-ro, in peace.

Sorry, I’ve been irritable – the weather’s lousy, my girl’s on a different continent, my right arm is killin me, I can’t eat for the next 20 hours, I’ve not slept and my secretary just quit. Again.

I want a whole wheat donut.

What I’m gonna get, however, is a glass of tap water, a vitamin pill and two tabs of naproxen.

Location: 5 mins ago, in the shower
Mood: irritated
Music: I’ll just be waiting here – right here

8 replies on “She and I (did what?)”

haha … i like the ranty. i hope that doesn't make you feel worse :Pand thank you for defending what someone told me a long time ago that helped turn my life around… "everything is temporary" (he added, "except God").. but i'm glad everything is temporary. the weather, no heartgirl, and your insomnia. i hope it changes soon for you!

lol – the gyro comment was interesting… never heard anyone pronounce it as "jai-ro" before. EVER. I have heard it with a hard "G" tho.

YM – thanks, I will defend the jai-ro to my death! I hope I get to see Heartgirl and my blue skies soon. A nap would help too.Jbell – fancy seeing you here. And yes, great book.Anon – really? I think most people say that but what do I know? I could go for one right now, though.

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