Long Distance

Location: noon, yest, Franklin Street
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Music: I’m not listening when you say, good-bye

A metro station in Washington DC

: I was going to ask her to marry me.
Me: What happened?
Him: We broke up.
Me: Well, that’ll do it.

Heartgirl’s busy with a work project and I’ve not been sleeping so I’ve been trying to catch up with some friends.

Stopped by PCD’s to drop off something I got for her birthday ages ago. She’s swell and juggling a buncha boys, as usual. It was a tech gift that ended up not working but she was very understanding.

Her: It’s ok, I appreciate the thought. Here, you can have a Cadbury mini egg – they’re the most happiest food on earth.
Me: OK, thanks, I…(reaching into bag)
Her: HEY! Don’t put your dirty bus hands into my Cadbury mini eggs bags. Let me order them from best to worst – yellow’s the worst.

She insisted that I eat the blue ones. They’re her favourite.

Also saw Sheridan who snuck me onto the construction site of a new building downtown he’s in charge of. $725,000 for a one-bedroom. Didn’t say anything but I’m wondering who’d buy a $725K one-bedroom right now. Another buddy just bought a $150K Porsche. We live in such different worlds these days.

Went to my fencing class. The guy that’s in the Hulu ad with Alec Baldwin is in my class and we somehow got on the topic of long distance relationships.

Me: (swinging) His girl lives in Berlin.
Him: (parrying then swinging) No way! Well that’s not good. I did that for years. LA/NY. It never works out.

Me: (parrying) I did that too – Hamburg/NY – never does.

Told him that that long distance relationships are hard cause you don’t get to see the person you think of all the time. Speaking of which, did manage to see Heartgirl for breakfast this morning though. Last minute thing.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek before dashing off to work. My head’s so cloudy these days but I remember what she looked like this morning clearly.

Couldn’t imagine what it’d be like if we were long distance.

YASYCTAI: Take up a new sport. I’m thinking you might like fencing. (90 mins/2 pts)

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s'funny. i'm very fond of the man i'm seeing now – today we got up, walked to the corner together, and i kissed him on the cheek before i got on the bus and he went into work. he's got a great smile.turns out he's moving to sf in 3 months. i don't know what's gonna happen.

so i have a question… (yay for web anonymity!!!) i wanted a long distance once b/c the guy i was seeing.. it's like we uhh… 'liked each other' too much and 'on paper', it was all so perfect. gee. it's air quote day… πŸ˜› and b/c we couldn't get past the physical, we could never get past that to know each other. anyways, made me sad. prob means it was never meant to be. but isn't it easier to get really deep under the surface if all you have is conversations? just wondering. πŸ™‚

Cadbury mini eggs are the happiest food on earth!! πŸ™‚ They make the cutest cupcake topping…

Jbell – I think you should take what comes in life as it comes. There's no controlling things so let things happen as they will.ym – getting to know someone is all parts of them; mentally, physically, emotionally. That's the key. You can't have a real relationship – at least the kind we all really want – without all three.Alana – Evidently, I've missed out on a great deal in my life without them. I'll rectify!

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