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View from Central Park
Her:…the usual: burgers, hot dogs. Oh and there’ll be softball…
Me: Nope.
Me: Nope.
Me: Nope. (pause) But if there’s a competition to compute pi to the 27th digit, I’m all in. You can be on my team.
Her: (later) Maybe you shouldn’t come.
Me: (nodding)

Heartgirl and I went for a stroll in the lovely weather through Sheep Meadow. Realized that she’s younger than a little girl that I used to tutor in English; taught that girl the word, kiosk and how to do analogies for the SATs.

Suddenly, I feel very old. And slightly pervy.

Speaking of the SATs, there’s a difference between ironic and sarcastic. Irony is sarcasm without the meanness.

Lemme ask you something; since when was sarcasm perceived to equal to intelligence?

Meet so many douches these days that are 24/7 sarcastic that’re actually quite stupid. But they’re so very proud of their stubbornness, so smug in their assurance that they’re right, that they can’t see that they might be wrong. And they often are.

Look, I’m all for some sarcasm, but it’s called the the lowest form of wit for a reason. Irony‘s clever. Sarcasm‘s just hoping that if you sound pissed off or certain enough, no one’s gonna call you out that you don’t, actually, know a damn thing.

Unfortunately, now people got Twitter, blogs, status updates, and texts to show off how little they actually know about anything in angry little sarcastic rants.

Endless waves of twitter, blogs and status updates mucked with vitriol and sarcasm doesn’t make a stupid person sound intelligent; I’m afraid. Cause a tech-savvy bore is still a bore.

Apologies. Had a long day…

Lelaina: Can you define irony?
Troy: Its when the actual meaning is the complete opposite from the literal meaning.
Lelaina: My God, where were you when I needed you today?


Location: 40 mins ago, my old office, shredding
Mood: hungry
Music: along sheeps meadow Never know what we will see. Come take a walk with me

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hmmm, i was going to suggest getting MORE connected. was at the makeup show nyc and trying to get a business plan together. they were saying, u can be the best fill-in-the-blank but it doesn't matter if people don't know u exist. no one's going to book u if they can't find u. ever since i discovered rss feeds and google reader, it's made my life much easier to keep up with all the things i like to read, including u. u don't have to click on everyone's pages daily hoping or waiting for updates. i love technology, at least the stuff i understand.

logan, "sarcasm" can't be in the same position as "douchey" because "sarcasm" is a noun and "douchey" is an adjective. change it to "sarcastic". you can never be my analogies tutor.~b

Alana – HA! I'm going to have to use that in a future post. I do love my rum…Suz – goodness, I think I'm suffering from information overload at times. But maybe it'll make me more efficient.Trix – The analogy would be:"Irony is good, sarcasm is bad""Witty is good, douchey is bad"It's imperfect, but how I thought of it.

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