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Music: (von Vagabondshoes) I cannot reach a pen for me to draw the line

NYC skyline

: (annoyed) What kinda guy doesn’t sleep with a girl when he can?
Me: (shrugging) No one ever says to a girl, Man, I can’t believe you didn’t sleep with that guy.
Her: It’s different for us.
Me: Only cause you think it is. To answer your question, The kinda guy that thinks that he’s got plentya chances.

Went out the other night with WM, Paul and a female friend. WM ended up being straddled by this attractive girl in the middle of the club, so the resta us bounced.

Midnight, we get a call from WM saying that he’s coming over. We all ask him why he didn’t bring the girlie home and get to know her in the biblical sense.

He said it was cause he liked her and wanted to see her again. Paul and I understood but our female friend didn’t. Thought it a bit of role-reversal.

Sometimes, dunno if we’re the weirdos or everyone else are.


Was on the train the other day when a really drunk girl and a guy stumbled in. The train lurches so she grabs me for support.

The guy, obviously trying to close the deal with her, looks mildly annoyed. So, chat them up until my stop.

At the end of the stop, he asks if I wanna grab a drink with them but I say, Can’t. I’m seeing my girl. Goodnight, Alex. Goodnight, Jessica.

Goodnight, Logan, they say.

I do so enjoy my random meetings.

YASYCTAI: Try a different slice of pizza. Been eating a lot of white pizza lately. (5 mins/0.5 pts)

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you're quite friendly for a ny'er. in chicago, we're friendly but not as friendly as people think. i say to my friends, if someone randomly talks to u on the street, they are either a mary kay lady or a jehovah's witness. no one ever just shoots the shit with me unless they're tourists looking for directions or the aforementioned.sorry i didn't realize u had your music in your posts… guess i don't read that closely (i'm a skimmer). i'm kinda pissed at the whole apple itunes pricing these days. just bought the new mos def album on amazon instead for $3.99.

You're a random talker! There aren't many in Calgary. People in general seem to have this wall around them that doesn't invite chatter. It's a shame.

Suz – it's fine that you're a skimmer. You take the time to comment and that's more than most people. Yes, iTunes is becoming a racket, I think. I'm considering supporting Amazon soon.Alana – I am a random talker. It was beneficial when I was single but I do still enjoy finding out what people are like beyond the facade.

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