How’d you not know?

You knew what I was when you picked me up

Me: You home? I’m by your pad.
Him: I’m sick, bedridden, and vomiting.
Me: What’re you trying to say?

A story goes that a snake wants to cross a river. So he asks a frog to carry him across. The frog goes, Screw you. You’re just gonna bite me. So the snake goes, Nah, we’ll both drown if I do that. So the frog figures that makes sense.

Midway, the snake bites the frog, who goes, #@$! Why’d you do that? Now we’re both gonna die.

As the snake goes under, he goes, It’s in my nature. You knew what I was when you picked me up.

Thought of that story this past weekend, when I told someone about the SA in Nazi Germany. Before the SS, the SA were the guys that brought Hitler to power. If the SS were the well-dressed executioners of the Nazi party, the SA were the fat, meathead brawlers.

After the Nazi party seized power, Hitler had them all killed, in the Night of the Long Knives, including one of his best friends, Ernst Roehm (who was also gay).

Thought of this again this morning on the train to have lunch with my dad and sis. Headline in the paper read, Taliban feel Pakistani Wrath. It’s about how, after the Taliban blew up a Pakistani mosque, Pakistan realized these guys were a buncha sick scumbags.

To Ernst Roehm, the Pakistani government and that frog, I gotta say, Cm’on…it’s in their nature – how’re you surprised? You knew what they were when y’picked them up.


Finally finished cleaning my new pad. Found a switchblade I got when I was a kid.

Always kinda surprised I made it to 36.


Here’s a pic of the Shuttle Atlantis against the sun.

Any douchebag can break stuff down. But this kinda stuff, this kinda stuff’s the stuff of God.

The shuttle atlantis against the sun - copyright NASA

(c) NASA

Location: my clean room
Mood: accomplished!
Music: Earth below us, drifting, falling, Floating weightless, calling, calling home

8 replies on “How’d you not know?”

woo hoooooo feng shui attack. my friend and i cleaned up my apt today too. god i was like 2 seconds away from being the edie's from grey gardens. seriously if i ever get a cat or 10…tunes tunes, depends what u like, what u already have. do u like feist? my latest itunes song was "real love" by regina spektor.

Suz – Yep, I've got Feist's full album. I think it's good, not great. BTW, you should hear Ron Sexsmith's version of Brandy Alexander, which I actually like better and is the original, I believe.Sodablue – I'll look it up and let you know what I think!

welp, it's hard to make recommendations without knowing your current playlists. i'm late to the party but i just found out there's like 500 songs for free on amazon. maybe the apple "genius" tool can help u find similar songs to what u already own. i also pick up those free songs of the week at starbucks. i need some new muzak too.

The latest that I got were Melody Gardot and a bunch of Julie London albums (more jazz sounding).You would probably like Coeur de Pirate which I got at Christmas in Quebec. In French, but great!

Suz – well, since I put a song in all my entries, I think you could guess my musical tastes! Didn't know about Starbucks music; I'll try that.Alana – French! I do enjoy my foreign language songs. I'll give it a whirl, thanks!

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