Thanksgiving 2009

Sunset on the Highline in NYC

Me: I’m gonna be 40 soon.
Her: (puzzled) You’re 36.
Me: Oh, it’s there. It’s there.

Don’t think I could write anything better than what I wrote last year for Thanksgiving 2008 so I’ll just direct you there.

My house still smells of fresh baked cookies from Heartgirl. Hope you have something similar.

Happy Turkey Day, people!

Location: 18:00 yest, baking cookies in the UWS
Mood: thankful
Music: Oh, I can cook too, on top of the rest (Spotify)


  1. Thank you for bringing us back there! I always want to jack your posts and repost them. 🙂 Thanks again.

  2. you're amazing. i was just using the word "douche" today, in reference to my most recent ex-boyfriend. in the most loving way, of course…..happy thanksgiving. happy cookies 🙂

  3. sometimes i feel liek i am gogin to be 30 soon and i am only 25 in other words you just feel you don't have enough time to do teh things u want before times up

  4. Alana – niiiiice – what kind of biscuits?ym – cool, let me know if you do!Jbell – I try to read your mind as often as possible. And are you talking about your very last dude?Anonymous – wait until you turn 30!

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