Got Lucky

Location: surrounded by computer bits
Mood: hungry
Music: I’m just gonna sit on the dock of the bay

Him: How can you think like that, you’re…
Me: What? Chinese-American? A minority? It’s not like we all get together on Tuesdays and decide to all think a certain way.
Him: But you’re obviously wrong. Just look around, look at the popular opinion.
Me: Popular opinion once said that the world is flat. Popular opinion in Germany once said that Jews weren’t people. Popular opinion once said that the life of a black man is worth that of a cow. Since when’s popular opinion the voice of reason?
Him: It’s wrong. We shouldn’t be fighting a war that doesn’t concern us.
Me: Maybe. But that’s my issue: who’s this us you’re referring to? People or people that look like you?
Him: (rolling his eyes) Americans, man…you know I mean Americans. Like us.
Me: Like us? I’m only an American cause I got lucky. You too. Don’t y’ever forget that dumb luck put y’here and not Somalia or North Korea. That’s the only goddamn difference between us and them. There’s only ever the lucky and the screwed.

: Be grateful for your dumb luck. (5 mins/1 pt)


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