Making, Moving or Thinking

Location: in fronta three glowing things again
Mood: busy
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clocks in NYC

: Can’t speak for you but I spend 80-90% of my waking hours in fronta something that glows.
Her: What?
Me: The times I’m not in fronta something that glows – a phone, ipod, television, computer screen, camera screen – is vastly outnumbered by the times that I am.

In the last entry, told you that I had dinner with a buddy. During that dinner, mentioned this change in the law and how it affects ISPs. He’s a reporter and he actually wrote an article about it this week and he just told me that it’s their top tech/legal story.

Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to discuss the matter. But it’s strange reading your own words as an anonymous contributor to a decent-sized story.

Speakinga dinners, had dinner with someone else this week and I mentioned this quote by David Allen. Said that 50 years ago, 80% of us made our living by making or moving something. Y’knew when the job was done when there was nuthin left to make or move.

Now, something like 90% of us think for work. Or try to look like we’re thinking.

Point being that, it’s harder to know how to do the job and when the job’s done without having a final work product. Like if I write a legal memo, the thinking never ends.

Guess that’s why I like fencing or wrestling – cause, y’know right away if y’got the job done or not. There’s a definitiveness that I don’t get anywhere else.

So despite bein old’n creaky, get up every few days for some kid to beat the snot outta me.

In related news, I’m outta ibuprofen.

YASYCTAI: See if there’s a kali school near you. Y’might like it. (45 mins/1 pt)

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