Serif/Bad, H&M, Bad…

Location: my cold home
Mood: annoyed
Music: in your eyes All your promises were lies

NYC at night

: (writing on my hand with her finger)
Me: “I love you?”
Her: (exasperated) Finally! How does it take so long for you to figure it out?
Me: Let me try. (start to write on her hand)
Her: I…L…O…wait, you can’t write what I wrote. Write something else.
Me: OK, let me try again.
Her: S…E…R…I…F. Serif?
Me: Yes.
Her: I write “I love you” and you write, “serif?” SERIF?
Me: (pause) In my defense, y’told me to write something else.

Suspect that, in some way, 2010 may not be all that radically different from 2009.

Ran out to Queens to chase down some scratch. Frick’n cold; the typea cold where y’notice if you’re not wearing the right socks.

Speakinga socks, not shopping at H&M; until they sort out their moral compass. Sucks for me since they’re the only ones that make long sleeve tees that fit me right.

They say that they donate to charity but – just cause I’m a geek and insomniac – did the math; they donate .000056477 of their annual revenue across 5 years. That’s 10% of 1% of 1% of their revenue annually, kids (.000011294 – correct me if I’m wrong).

They’re also saying that they didn’t know what their flagship NYC store was doing.

I’m saying that someone’s $9.99 pants’re on fire.

YASYCTAI: Boycott companies that’re just in it for the money. It’s easy if you star recycling properly, for example: 4 year old boys toy ideas can be made from already owned items, and we are all children at heart right?  (1 min/1 pt)

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yay logan, u guys say the L word.happy new year and i know 2010's going to be awesome for all. and awesome for love :)next time write star wars in her hand. that's uber romantic and would make u a super nerd.

@Suz – Happy New Year, right back to you! And yes, I'm going to step away from font families; but I'm thinking Star Wars might be a step in the totally wrong direction (not that I don't think it's awesome).@Alana – I think she's not enough of an internet geek like I am to know that and I'm, sadly, too old to use a word like that without feeling…old.

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