Taking Algebra

Have you noticed when you’re younger you have time but not enough coin; and when you’re older you have more coin, but less time?

Time versus money

Walk with friends in NYC

Been working out for about 90 minutes a day for the past several weeks. Trying to turn back the clock, I suppose. It’s tiring but the thought that 50’s only 13 years away from me’s a bit hard to take.

Have you noticed that your parents spend more on stuff than when you were a kid? Like your pop buys a huge colour TV but when you were a kid, he made do with the old set?

It’s cause when you’re younger, you got more time than you got coin. Then, after a while, it flips in your head and in real life.

In that weird middle place now, where the two’re equally important. Dusted off my manuscript again cause I hear the devil breathing down my neck and think that I gotta get myself in gear.

So I sit down with my six cups of joe and do:

  • subject-verb-object
  • subject-verb-object

over-n-over again until I run outta subjects, verbs, and objects – or coffee.

Location: a yoga mat in 10
Mood: ambitious
Music: move on, Second best is never enough
YASYCTAI: Dust off that project of yours and give it another whirl. (time/2 pts)

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"Have y'noticed that your parents spend more on stuff than when you were a kid?"haha. So true. I thought I was the only one whose parent did that. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

@Jeanna – I do try, once in a while.@anony – seems to be most parents, so you're in good company.@YM – Impressive, right?@Alana – I thought so too, which is why I had to share.

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