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Logan Lo with some rum

Heartgirl got me an iPad. She’s lovely – both the iPad and Heartgirl.


Him: So why is oriental offensive to people?
Me: (shrugging) Three reasons, I suppose:
1. It means east, which implies easta someth’n, and if we’re east, then easta who?
2. It picks up connotations just like any word does. Like there’s nuthin wrong with the word piss, it’s just the monosyllabic Anglo-Saxon waya saying the polysyllabic Latin urination. But connotations, y’know? (pause) And
3. it’s a rug dude, something you walk on. Would you wanna be called something that people wipe their feet on?
Him: (laughing) No, I suppose not.

Met up with onea the fellas that I brought to court recently – not this idiot but his landlord – and cost me some Manhattan real estate. Nice guy, actually.

Adulthood’s funny.

People you war with today, y’might find sitting across a peach-coloured couch in the future, discussing the finer points of etymology. The key’s to not just fight hard but honorably. And when the fighting’s over, just move on.

He gets props cause he fought a good fight. If things were different, we mighta been friends.

Speak’na adulthood, 37 on Saturday. Way closer to 40 than 20. Luckily, there’s rum in my not-too-distant future to soften the blow.

For thosea you reading me for a while, you know the drill – wanna know if anyone’s still reading besides the four or five stalwart commenters I got.

So, wish me a happy birthday, all of you bastards that read me but never say anything.

Logan Lo at 37

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8 replies on “Logan’s 37/Adulthood’s funny”

Reasonable enough point – but I was always told the hemispheres were named that way because of the International Date Line – admittedly a 'Western' invention. And 'oriental' isn't just a rug, even though the colonialist dreams of certain empires may give that impression; the orient is the place you orient yourself to, where the Sun rises. Not a bad connotation, really.

Happy birthday this week, Logan! I alternate between stalwart commenter and lurker, but either way I'll keep reading as long as you keep posting. One recurrent thought I have while reading your blog is whether I'll ever randomly run into you on the street and then weird you out by being a strange fan from the internet 🙂

@Prince – Hola! Thanks for the comment and the analysis. All true and good points but once again, I fall back to the connotations issue. The connotations of the word are what I think people have issues with. Regardless, I do appreciate it.@Brian – Thanks! Well, if you're in the NYC area, I'm sure that'll happen some day. Say "hello" regardless and we'll take it from there?

Randomly came across your blog. I like your style of writing and your photos are great! Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Logan!!! =DBeing 20's overrated anyways!!!!So did I tell you when I went back to trinidad the rum I used to like, got discontinued??? Heartbreak!

@Sarah Walder – Random meetings are some of the best, don't you think? I hope you pop back from time to time.@YM – Stalwart commenter, indeed! Thanks for sticking around.@Anonymous – thanks, I'll let her know you think she's a good one. Thanks for the comment!@Alana – ah, you are the other stalwart commenter here, something I really appreciate. Sorry to hear about the rum, though. Perhaps try a new one?

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