Lasagna in Damascus

Location: same since July 1997
Mood: wanting Indian food
Music: forget the past. Do you want to dance

Indian food

Me: I guess I’ve lived within the same five blocks for the past..jeez, 13 years? That’s hard to believe. What about you?
Him: Hmm… (counting) I’d say I’ve lived about seven more places than you since July 1997. (thinking) More importantly my cat’s lived in seven more places that you since July 1997.

Don’t handle change well; I like my home.

With the exception of cheap Indian food, most everything a fella’d wanna eat’s usually within a ten minute walka my pad.

This week, had Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, American, and Mexican; and it’s only Thursday. My mom was always pretty agnostic when it came to cooking – she made a mean chili and some killer lasagna in addition to Chinese food.

No wonder I was a fat kid.

The Economist just had this article noting that sushi’s insanely popular in Damascus – probably the last place you’d expect. The gist of the article’s that exposure to food’s the first step in exposure to different people, culture, etc. In short, food could potentially equal freedom.

That sounds about right to me.

YASYCTAI: Find a new place/thing to eat. (90 mins/1 pt)

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I think it's the Asian in us. Food culture is what brings us all together. There are never negative connotations with food. I think living one place is okay, but keep trying new things in that city! Just don't get stuck in a rut.

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