Taking the punches

Location: waiting for meetings
Mood: accomplished
Music: I’m all choked up and you’re ok.

Lennon downtown, nyc

Me: (gripping seat) Watch that car, watch that car! (later) It’s a red light, it’s a red light! Slow down! (still later, exiting car) You’ve really gotta be more careful.

Him: (relaxed) You worry too much.

It’s been 23 years since my father taught me how to drive. It appears we’ve changed roles.

HG and I have been seeing a buncha relatives these days. Here’s another conversation between HG and one about her finger.

Her: It hurts.

Him: Yeah, I know what you mean. When I was 10, my cousin slammed a door into my toe. It was all black and blue and then my nail fell off. Believe me, that hurt like hell – I mean, that is some pain. I can still remember it to this day. (thinking) Oh, and when I was 20, I got hit with a grenade.

That guy’s one tough fella. Which is pretty much the opposite of me.

But at the very least, know how to throw a punch. It amazes me how many people – guys in particular, simply don’t. The chance of me getting into a fight now at 37’s pretty slim. But still, surprised it’s not something people pick up. Then again taking a punch’s probably more important.

Check that, taking a punch’s definitely more important.

YASYCTAI: Learn to take the punches. (time/2 pts)

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so i need advice… i'm inspired by your tagging all your posts that now i want to tag all mine.. only organizational skills such as these evade me. i ended up with 120 tags for barely 6mo of posts…. i realize this isn't the sorta thing you can 'give advice' for.. but any pointers?!? or did you just make yours as you thought of them?

Well, 120 tags is neither a lot nor a little. The only question is how "appropriate" they are. And I suppose you find out by just being really diligent about tagging.

I made them up as I thought of them and as I did it, I realized that some were repetitive while others were necessary. I would go back, re-tag now since you've only 6 months – which isn't a minuscule amount but it will only go up.

Once you start re-tagging, you start seeing the patterns that you're making.

Some time soon, I'm going to add a "following" plug-in of some sort and start "following" you. Would love it if you could do the same!

🙂 i 'follow' this site anyway.. just .. the old fashioned way. haha! i click. and thanks for the advice.

funny… now that i'm thinking of it.. i realize i've been 'following this site for years now!!! ever since a friend introduced me to bachelor cooking. which STILL cracks me up.

thanks for writing 🙂

It has been a long time, hasn't it?

Just sent you a message – did you receive it?

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