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Cookies in NYC

For those of you reading at the new digs, what do you think? Thanks to Mildred Fierce for moving me over from Blogger to WordPress; if you need something similarly done, she’s the one to call.

There’ll be glitches here and there for the next week or so as I clean things up and (re)tag and organize all 588 entries I’ve written.

Need to get a life.


In college, needed some spare dough so I delivered cookies. Huge 12″ to 24″ cookies.

You’re delivering cookies to co-eds, think about it, my buddy Scott said.

So I signed up. Lemme tell you a few things:

  • Yes, only women order 12″ to 24″ cookies.
  • No, it turns out that these are not the type of women I, or most people, dream of meeting.
  • I made $600 that summer.
  • Cornell has lots of hills.
  • A new transmission cost me $1,500.
  • My total cost of ownership earnings that summer: 5 pounds of fat and -$900.

Point’s that there’s a total cost to doing any activity. Using that Zipcar service so that means that while I’m spending about $150 a month, that also means that I’m not spending $350 a month in car payments, $150 a month in insurance, $50 a month on gas, $400 a month on parking.

My total cost of ownership of a non-car is now -$800 a month.

On an unrelated matter, the book-burning pastor in Florida gets to vent. But what’s the total cost of ownershipa that action?

YASYCTAI: Before you do anything, what’s the TCO? (60 mins/1 pts)

4 replies on “TCO”

Thanks for the shoutout, yo!

I thought you were selling your car? Yikes. I feel you on the auto woes, though. Dump truck debris cracked my windshield this summer. Had to have the entire thing replace.

Time to buy some rollerblades. Or a velocipede.

Ah – I like that I can respond to people individually. Thanks so much for doing this for me. I think there's a GPS somewhere in your life coming up…

i'm impressed.. i started trying to tag everything and got oh… maybe 3 months in… i need to get back to that.. i like the TCO idea.

Thanks – I didn't do much although the tagging and editing of entries is taking forever. I hope that it's worth it though.

I'm glad that you came along and kept reading (and commenting!)

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