Thanksgiving 2010

79th Street and Broadway, NYC

Me: 37. But in my head, I’m still 18.
Him: (laughing) We all are, Logan, we all are.

Hurt my neck wrestling the other day so I’ve been walking around with this ice pack around it. Man, after 35, nuthin heals the right way any more. Feel my age all of time now.

HG and I’ve been talking about my moving someday outta my pad. Moved lots in the last few years but it’s always been up or down in the same building. Been here for going on 12 years. A dozen years. Doesn’t seem possible and yet it is.

Once again, got nuthin better to say about the holiday than I said two years ago for Thanksgiving 2008.

Off to work and then to stuff my face like a fatty, fat, fat.

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

Location: UES
Mood: in pain
Music: High time we made a stand & shook up the views of the common man
YASYCTAI: Make a stand, shake up the views of the common man. (10 mins/1 pt)

3 replies on “Thanksgiving 2010”

Hey I'm back!!! (been 'in my head' a little much lately) — was wondering, could I cut/paste one of your posts to my journal? If no it's cool too, but thought i'd ask. Thanks!

@YM – You're back! Sweeeet. Of course you can quote, I love that. The only this is, could you link back to the post and/or my blog? Thanks!

Where have you been? =)

Thanks!! And physically didn't go anywhere but just random stuff taking my time and attention (some making me want to say 'we're not in hs anymore, people!') 😛 But yah good to be 'back'. 🙂

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