Everyone’s got their own particular crazy

Her: (yelling from other room) Oh my god, come here, you’ve got to see this new technology thing…
Me: (running in excitedly)
Her: (laughing) Ha-ha, I tricked you. Do you like this stationary?
Me: Man, I totally fell for that. Not cool, man…

Still planning the wedding. We’ve been talking seriously about just eloping but even that comes with a lot of ancillary issues.

Met up with RE Mike for drinks at PJ Clark’s down a bit from me. Nice joint but no good rum. We got onto the topics of relationships. Didn’t work out with him and his latest girlie.

Me: Sorry to hear it. But you like what you like. Everyone’s got their own particular crazy.
Him (grinning) Yeah, look at you. You still write that blog and put down things like: “Location: my apartment. Mood: hungry.” That’s weird.
Me: (laughing) Ha, I suppose it is.

Mentioned to him that I’m looking for places to get hitched. Forgot that he owns a building downtown.

Me: Can you get us in?
Him: I could ask. If I could get you in, it’ll be my wedding gift to you.
Me: Sweeeeeeeet.

Speakinga wedding gifts, evidently white people have this thing called a registry. I’ve gone to a buncha weddings in my life, but being Chinese, just gave scratch. On good years, it was more, on bad years, it was less. But that was the gift.

In other news, posting on Thursday this week – sorry for all the jumping around lately, it’s the work. Until then, more differences between the Chinese and Americans to keep you entertained:

Location: my apartment
Mood: hungry
Music: without your love I would never have made it
YASYCTAI: Come back on Thursday morning. (72 hours/1 pt)

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