My old crockpot

Old Rival Crock Pot

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Decided to make some braised brisket in red wine the other night so I whipped out my old crock-pot. It’s been in my family since I can remember – maybe 25-30 years? My mom used to make this killer spaghetti sauce she learned from my Italian neighbor Dot. It’s also where she made chili from a Mexican neighbor and how I made a lotta my chili too.

When I moved outta my family home, my mom asked me what I wanted and I asked for that.

Her: This old thing? Why don’t you buy a new one?
Me: Cause I want that one.

Anywho, put it on the counter top and noticed the back had cracked and a leg had fallen off. Managed to prop it up on a stacka bank checks to make the brisket but it was clear it was it’s last dish.

They’re cheap. Like $40 for a good one. And this one’s got flowers and lotsa stains on it; doesn’t match my clean white kitchen. But it was my bita home in my apartment and I’m sad to see it gone.

You don’t love a picture causesa the paper it’s printed on, y’love a picture because of what it represents.

Man, I loved that broken old thing.

Ha – suppose someone’ll say that about me some day. One would hope, anywho…

Braised beef with herbed carrots and coconus

Location: taking CLE on the computer
Mood: nostalgic
Music: The only way to really know is to really let it go
YASYCTAI: Buy a new slow cooker. (10 mins/0.5 pt)


  1. I feel the same way about my dad's wok. My brother and I are going to have to fight for it one day…

  2. I know how you feel. . .my kitchen is filled with various appliances that I inherited. It feels wrong being brand new ones. LOL

    Why are you selling your camera?

    1. The Pentax is great and light but I want even lighter and I think the M-4/3 cameras are ready for primetime so I'm going with the Panasonic ones. I'll show you the next time I see you.

      Also, been watching a lot of the Marx Brothers stuff, thought you'd approve.

      1. i definitely approve!

        RE your camera change, i'm very intrigued. let's get together soon so that i can see your new acquisition.

        apparently i will also be getting a new camera soon. my dad is giving me his old nikon f-501 (nikon's first autofocus SLR). you know how i like to kick it old school!

    1. My problem is that I don't have a huge house; so I have to be selectively sentimental. This object I particularly loved, though.

  3. Your old crock-pot is equivalent to my Raul (my old Xti). It was the first toy I bought after my breakup and my constant companion on my first trip to Europe. I could not bear the thought of parting with him despite the fact that I already bought an upgrade.

    1. Ah, Raul…like my Syd. I am selling my last Pentax, which is the camera I learned to shoot on and took all of these pictures with.

      I miss my first camera a lot and regret selling Syd. I think you're doing the right thing.

  4. i'm a newbie and own an olympus e520. is pentax better? a friend is selling his pentax and i might get it…

    1. Sorry for the late reply – this went into spam for some reason. I like the pentax for a number of reasons:

      Antishake is built into the body

      They make some of the lightest cameras

      Their cameras are all built to work with all their lenses – this goes back like 50 years – of course there's no autofocus and such but essentially, you can get a ton of cheap good lenses for use with the Pentax and, because of the in-body anti-shake, they all work very well.

      I'm only selling mine because a friend is giving me a great deal on a very new Panasonic system.

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