At least it was a nice day for a drive

UWS church in NYC

It’s been a really busy week and it’s barely Wednesday

The thing with what I do is I send out proposals all of time and hope that one of them sticks. Had about five things out and didn’t hear anything so I continued with all my projects and personal tasks.

Then they all came through, which is good for scratch but not good for being able to much of anything else. Think I finally was able to shut off my brain at around 3AM

Spent yesterday all over Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. My damn lying GPS just made it worse.

At least it was a nice day for a drive.

Location: surrounded by papers
Mood: busy
Music: you don’t live downtown no more And everything must come and go

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You mean Strong Island? 😉

That's true about sending out proposals, I guess you don't expect them to all come through, at least not at the same time! Nerve-wracking. You sure have your hands full. Hopefully when all the work's done you'll have some vacation time.

Oh the GPS.. make sure it's set correctly, it can be a pain. Ours is French of course, so it never wants to behave. I'm starting to get used to thing talking in meters and kilometers. Oh metric system, making everyday an enriching mathematical experience.

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