California 2012 Travelogue: Day 3

Part three of my trip out to California and now I’m heading home.

A broken chair, ramen, and home

Jet Blue airplane in Burbank

Her: Morning!
Me: Morning – I need coffee and Mexican food.
Her: We have lots of leftover pizza.
Me: OK.

Wake up early. Damn insomnia. Sit down to chat with my brother’s girlfriend fiancee in the morning. As we’re talking about me falling down the stairs yesterday, my chair breaks and I come crashing down on that same knee.

Man, I swear I’m darned.

Broken chair in LA

After icing it for a bit more, putter around the house. Wanna keep it low-key so I give my buddy Lorin a call – we’ve not seen each other in years. He drives over and we go to a local coffee shop to catch up.

I tell him of the troubles and he tells me of his.

Him: …and then I got remarried.
Me: Good, I’m glad. You happier now?
Her: Much happier. You?
Me: Much.

Coffee Shop in Pasadena

We don’t stay long and soon I’m back at my brother’s pad. After trying to get some writing done – and hitting some really bad writer’s block – my brother, his girl, and I head out to the local Ramen joint. It’s closed.


…but we find another joint around the way. Pretty good. Scarfed down the whole thing with a plate of fried tofu.

Bob Hope Airport, Burbank

I’m too beat to walk around so we head back early. Finally manage to get five hours sleep. We wake up the next morning and he drives me to Bob Hope airport.

Him: Thanks for the surprise.
Me: Ditto!

Pretty quiet trip. I walk out into the NYC summer heat, make it home, and call the wife.

Me: I’m home.
Her: Logan’s home!

It’s good to be home.


Logan Lo and his brother in NYC in the 70s

For those of you that’ve read this blog for years, you might recall when I wrote the difference between Grace and Mercy:

  • Grace is when you get the good things you don’t deserve.
  • Mercy is when you don’t get the bad things you do deserve.

Anywho, I always think of my brother and sister when I think of that. Could use some of both these days for reasons we’ll get into some other time.

Even as a child, I’m stuffing my face. No wonder I broke that chair…

Location: my bed, writing this
Mood: anxious
Music: two American kids growing up in the heartland

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I don't think you're darned. I don't really believe in those sorta' things. It's usually about (too much) stress or (lack of) sleep. Go treat yourself to a full body massage and a mint tea and I bet you'll fall much less. πŸ™‚

Adorable baby picture. Coconut water is healthy!

I'm with you on stuffing one's face with fish tacos while in California. So good. I miss it. Have you had Ecuadorian food ? ..That you can find in NYC.. Barzola in Queens (90th st I think) or this other place called "Tesoro something.." (I think) next to Sunset park on 5th Ave (my fave one.. there's a shark graphic on the outside). πŸ™‚ Ceviche de camarones <3 And Hornado (roasted pig..) on weekends.. with homemade jugo de zanahoria. I hope those places still exist!

Thanks for the comment on the picture – I thought it was cute.

I do think I'm somewhat darned; it's never anything terrible, just one annoying thing after the other. The lack of sleep definitely adds to it all.

I can't think about food so late at night as I'm always so hungry. I haven't had Ecuadorian food but all of that sounds great – I'll have to check out those places when I next head out to Queens.

Great, now I'm soooo hungry. Ceviche…

Just to make sure it's clear, the Ecuadorian restaurant next to Sunset Park is in Brooklyn. It's on 5th ave, the same 5th ave that starts near Flatbush ave, goes through Park Slope, and then ends up in Sunset park. So, you can have a great, authentic, low-priced Ecuadorian meal then grab a drink in Park Slope. πŸ™‚

I'm hungry all the time too. It's annoying.

Ceviche you can eat all day and night and probably not gain much weight, it's very healthy. πŸ™‚ It's mostly shrimp, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lemon-orange juice and water. Of course it's great with a bowl of white rice on the side (or pop corn / plantain chips / white hominy) that you can mix with it, not as healthy (but damn filling), ha.

I love the picture of y'all with the coconuts. Btw, don't you miss the California weather? I know you're a New Yorker, but still….

I SO miss the California weather. It's just SO HOT here. I may melt into a puddle very soon. If only it weren't so far from my job, family, and life. I'd totally live there.

Too bad you weren't here this week. You missed out on all the earthquakes. Woulda completed your California experience.

"Too bad" is not how I'd put it. I avoid life threatening events at all costs!

I <3 coconuts too but the Pacific ones (available in north america) taste so different to Caribbean ones. In all my years reading, I didn't realize you had a sister…

I didn't know there was a difference – what exactly is the main difference? Flavour, texture, size?

Yes, I do. I try not to mention her too much as I'm very protective of her. But she's an adult now and capable of taking care of herself. I'll have to remember that.

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