Squinting through life

Someone once said that, “Excuses are tools of the incompetent, which create monuments of nothing.” It’s figuring out what’s important and what’s not that’s the hard part. That’s where squinting comes in.

Excuses build monuments of nothing

Glass of Aged Rum
Gizmodo just wrote an article called, Why Squinting Helps You See Better.

There are a number of reasons why but the most basic is that it lets in less light so that you can focus on those items you are interested in.

Had a busy weekend with people I’ve not seen in years; saw my friend Claire for her birthday downtown, went to an improv class with Skinny, and missed a call from KG Betty.

Skinny and I grabbed a drink around the way after our class. Told him that I didn’t want to be the greatest improv player in the world but I did want to keep my ability to think quickly on my feet. The problem is that there’s always an excuse to everything.

But then you have to squint and refocus on the things you actually want keep to and the things you have to let go of.

Me: This fella once said that Excuses are tools of the incompetent, which create monuments of nothing. I felt like we were good at this, and then things just got in the way.
Him: That’s just what happens.

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5 replies on “Squinting through life”

Heya! I think it’s an anonymous quote as I couldn’t find anyone to directly attribute it to. But I still think it’s on point!

Love this one for two reasons, the obvious one being the fact that you take an improv class. This is such an obvious fit, I feel like I should have always just assumed, “Oh yeah, Logan does improv.”

Secondly, love that quote and the idea of squinting at life. Thanks also for pointing out that to excel in what is important to us, we have to let some stuff go. Sometimes I think it’s assumed we should just be excelling in everything, which is physically impossible.

Final question: what is your favorite rum to drink before improv class?

I actually try not to drink anything before class because I want to be clear-headed enough to think quickly on my feet – which is really the main point of the class. BUT, after class, my buddy and I usually do get a quick drink although, because of the bars we go to, it’s usually just a beer because there’s never any really good rum there.

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