Stuff I say during movies and television

I’m getting more particular with how to spend what days I’ve left, which is about 11,300 days. 5,000 good ones.

More particular with the time I have left

Two beers and my buddy with a wedding ring
After a pretty busy week last week, the weekend was a little quieter.

Met up with my friend Kate at the local bar around the way along with my buddy that got married last week – you can spy his wedding ring in the pic above.

Me: How’s married life?
Him: About the same.

Couldn’t stay long because I was meeting up with my fencing instructor for dinner before we had a class.

The next day, the wife and I took a walk around the hood where we picked up a key holder for the house. Afterward, met up with my friend Jarred for our weekly improv class.

Most of my weekends this month are scheduled with activities, for better or worse.

As I’m getting older, I’m getting more particular with how to spend what days I’ve left from my 26,280 days – which I reckon is about 11,300 days.

My wrassling buddy is my age and we talked about it:

Him: And you’ve gotta figure only 5,000 of them are really good.
Me: If that!

What time I do have to myself, I spend with the wife, which is always time well spent.

Almost always.

Movie: “You have 212 more supplicants to see you.”
Me: (to wife) That’s why we have judges – they act on the king’s behalf because the king couldn’t possib…
Her: I have to write down everything you tell me while watching movies and television and call it, Stuff my husband tells me during movies and television.

Location: Off to meet another friend
Mood: rested
Music: the hell are you waitin for After me, there shall be no more
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