I’m falling apart

But getting older is better than the alternative

Edison Lights at an office party

I try never to miss a Monday post but my site completely crashed the other day. Spent days trying to get it to work again.

Which is pretty much what’s going on with myself these days; I have a new injury – tore my rotator cuff in my fencing class and then, stupidly, went to my wrasslin class the next day.

Been icing it going on three weeks now. Actually wrote my coach to ask him to suspend my account because it doesn’t look like I’ll be going for a while.

Also, saw the doc for an annual checkup and now have a colonoscopy scheduled because I’m 41.

Finally, I picked up my first pair of glasses in maybe 20 years last week.

I’m getting older and I don’t like it.

Then again, to quote French actor Maurice Chevalier, Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.

Friend: Remember, if it happens in an alleyway and the dr gives YOU money afterwards, it’s not a colonoscopy!
Me: Lemme Google that.
Him: Image search is best.

Bicycle hanging on a pole in NYC

On a positive note, wrapped up all my major projects for the year. Have the regular day-to-day client work but nothing major.

So I had time to go to three different holiday parties where I ate my body-weight in various forms of carbohydrates and have at least two more scheduled.

Was going to spend the week going to the gym to balance out those items but it looks like it’s just going to be me and my icepack for the forseeable future.

On some positive notes, I did see a bike strapped to a pole and toilet bowl in the middle of the street, though.

I’m clearly grasping at this point.

Toilet in middle of 8th Avenue, NYC

Location: desk, with ice pack
Mood: deflated
Music: They are the hunters, We are the rabbits

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4 Replies to “I’m falling apart”

  1. My kids and I laugh like foolish people when we see a discarded toilet in our ‘hood.

    We make suggestions on who may be using said toilet.

    It’s a riot.

  2. Oh no! Take care of yourself. Wishing you a fast recovery.

    ‘Was talking about wrasslin the other night. Yes, I found a fellow American chick living in Grenoble who also wrestled in grade school. What the..!?

    I understand it must be hard to be getting old with all the physical changes & all. It’s bizarre to have to buy glasses, to get wrinkles, to experience back pain, etc. all of a sudden. To not be able to do what you once were able to do, to recover how you used to, or to look how you once looked. I’m still in my 20’s, but I’m aware that my body will not always be this way. I’ve watched my parents age and share with me their experiences (probably a bit of TMI!). That said, I’m pretty sure I don’t look the same way I did when I left NY for France almost four years ago! And darn, it’s hard to go out drinking… I don’t know how I did it in college.

    Keep sharing them NYC pics!

    Enjoy the more lax end-of-the-year Logan (good time to take it easy too!). Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Please share with me what you eat with your family during this time! ha

    1. Heya – yup, I’ve been spending the past few days at the rehab office trying to get better.

      I feel the same way about drinking! I have no idea how I used to do it as regularly and as often as I used to. But it’s probably for the best that we don’t enjoy it like we used to.

      I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday season as well; it looks so beautiful where you are – keep posting those pics!

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