Got new office stuff for the first time in decades

Fell in the snow last week and re-injured my arm. No fun. But I also finally picked up new office furniture for the first time in decades.

Hard doing much with one good arm

West 72nd Street
My shoulder had been feeling slightly better, but then I slipped in the snow last week and landed on it.

Lemme tell you, there’ve been a handful of times when I’ve felt physical pain so strong that I was blinded; I literally couldn’t see a thing.

That time I cracked my tooth on an olive pit was one, another was when I tore my ACL, and last Monday with my shoulder was a third time.

Spent the next two days with an ice pack strapped to my shoulder and my arm in a sling.

41 is no fun.


When I was working at my old company two decades ago, they expanded the space and ended up changing the desks and other office furniture.

As it turned out, I was also moving to where I live right now so I ended up buying the desk, drawers, and bookshelf I was using in my then office for my home office.

I used them until last week when I finally decided up get new office furniture for myself.

It’s still a mess but I’ll take a picture of it once I’m done.

It hard building, organizing, and cleaning stuff with only one good arm.

Then again, I suppose it hard doing much with just one good arm.

Location: 3AM last night, wide-awake in bed
Mood: so tired
Music: Every Sunday’s getting more bleak, a fresh poison each week
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2 replies on “Got new office stuff for the first time in decades”

We have a friend who’s shoulder is not healing properly. It’s a big deal because, not only has he already taken months off from work, he may need a second surgery.

He’s one of those guys who cannot stop doing things (ahem, straining his arm).

Not saying that it’s his fault, I have no way of knowing. My point is, as hard as it is, one must be very careful to not mess up the healing process. In other words, maybe ’tis not the time to be building new furniture!

(and yes, pics please when it’s done!)

And I’m sorry to hear that you slipped on ice, landing on the worst spot imaginable, being temporarily blinded. I cannot imagine both the pain and experiencing blindness at once; it must be extremely disturbing (not to mention dangerous).

Get well soon Logan! And be careful!

Of course you’re totally right – I joke that my biggest problem is that I forget that I’m not 22 any more, but that’s actually probably closer to the truth than I’ll care to admit (and I suppose your friend is in the same situation).

I’m sorry it happened! But at least nothing broke and I’m feeling a lot better these days – thanks for checking in on me!

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