It’s been an uncomfortable week. Also I’m thinking of just posting on Twitter and Instagram these days.

All you need is one thing off to leave you unsettled

Woman walking dog in snow in UWS, NYC
It’s been a long and strange week.

Said in the past that all of your life’s problems can be divided up into health, wealth, and relationships. You just need one of those to go wrong and it doesn’t matter how well the other two are going, you are unhappy.

In a similar sense, you have a rhythm to your day; all you need is one thing to be off-kilter and you’re unsettled.

The loss of my computer meant that I had to build a new one. Yes, I know that I can buy one cheaper and faster, but when you roll your own, you get the exact tool that fits your needs – and that’s what a computer is for me, a tool for my work.

In any case, after building it for a few days, a key component went bad and I had to take the whole thing apart. Right now, I’m waiting for a replacement part to come in.

This, in turn, has led to my home office being a constant mess, and me having to work on my a backup laptop or another computer, which leaves me further unsettled.

Then we had an unfortunate incident with a drunken house guest, which didn’t help matters.

So, unsettled.

This has been a very unsettled week.

Which is not to say that it’s been all bad.

Me: Hey, remember that project I’ve been bidding on? I got it!
Her: Whoa, that’s great news!

West 72nd Street and Broadway

With work getting busier, I’m thinking of cutting down the blog writing and focusing more on short things like Twitter and Instagram.

More on that later, I’ve gotta jet.

Location: Long Island, shortly
Mood: weary
Music: You were my best four years

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