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Me in DC

I started this blog all those years ago to just have an outlet for writing and as a place to put all these thoughts I have rattling around my head.

Turning 42 last week means that I have about 12,410 days left here and there are things I want to do and write about before those days run out. Which means less time for this here blog.

There’s just not enough time.

So this is my last regular entry here. There might be others, I’m not sure, right now, though, this is my last one.

But I want to leave you with something silly that you probably never thought about:

You can see you nose, you just choose not to see it.

You see it now, don’t you? And you will for several minutes before it disappears again. And throughout this day, you’ll notice it, forget it once again, notice it, forget it, until you forget it completely.

That is how most things are in our lives.

Things that are so a part of our lives that we don’t see them any more. The people, the experiences. We make them disappear. I walked by a beautiful waterfall every single day for years in college and never noticed it.

I live in the heart of Manhattan but rarely notice it.

Sometimes it’s a good thing. The major impetus for this blog was a bad breakup that has completely disappeared from my mind until I wrote this.

So I leave you with this thought: You see a million things every single day – literally, not figuratively – but you only notice one or two. This is by design.

I realized writing this blog, that it helped me separate signal from noise; to choose what I deemed noteworthy and what was not. Syd helped.

We all get to choose what matters to us, what we allow to affect us.

This blog was about all the things I’ve noticed about my little slice of the world and I wanted you to see them too. Because I thought they were worthy of note. Even thought it was mostly about nuthin.

Anywho, I wanted to say, Thanks for reading – for listening – to alla this nuthin.

There’s a line from You’ve Got Mail that goes, all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.


I’ll still be around on Facebook, Twitter from time-to-time, and Instagram regularly if I can swing it.

Harold’s not with me anymore so it’s just the wife and me.

And we’ve gone fish’n…


Location: away, but still here
Mood: nostalgic
Music: heartbroken cause I can’t see further than my own nose at this moment

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  1. I’ll miss this amazing blog! It was always getting better and you’re going out on top. thanks for the effort and insights over the years, they have been meaningful!

  2. Well, this is kinda bittersweet. And to think I started that blog so many years ago for nearly if not exactly the same reason you started your blog. I lost that password, by the way, so I don’t have much of those memories left. It’s a good thing.

    I know you’ll still be around, but I’ll still miss reading your stuff. Have, a blast Mr. Lo!

    1. Sometimes past events are best left forgotten, if only for a little bit. But then revisiting them after a long enough spell, it becomes kinda like wine in that it’s mellowed out and become deeper.

      Thanks! I’ll focus on taking pics for a while and work on some writing I’ve let sit around for far too long.

  3. Leave it up to me to wait until the very last regular post to leave a comment on your blog. I’m one of the silent readers of your blog that you frequently call out for not commenting. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I really appreciated the great content you put out on this blog, especially the interesting perspectives on life and dating and your commentary on odd facts and stories I know I would have never heard about anywhere else. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff in the other mediums you’ll be using going forward.

    1. Franklin! Well, better late than never – and thanks for the kind words. I see that people are reading what I write but I never know who actually is unless I see a comment, so it’s nice knowing that you were out there.

      Yes, I’ll still be online in one form or another, I’m just not sure which one quite yet.

    1. Thanks, Monica! I miss it too, especially the interactions with people that get something out of it. I hope everyone keeps in touch via Instagram or something.

      Bye for now, my fellow birthday Lo!

  4. I too am one of those silent readers that never comments, I have been stalking your blog the last couple of years from a safe distance in Australia. Oh man, am I going to miss this blog..sob sob.
    Your blog has given me so many things to ponder over the years and I love your take on life.
    From the bottom my heart, thank you for your regular blog entries Mr Lo.

    1. Anthony – thanks for taking the time to write such nice comments, I really do appreciate it.

      Yes, via the site stats, I can see people stopping by but I never know who did or if they enjoyed what I had to say without comments so it’s always good to get feedback.

      You’re welcome, I’m really glad you found it worthwhile, that means a lot to me. And thanks for reading it!

  5. Hey Logan, hope you catch a lot fish and that your journey never ends.

    It’s been a pleasure reading your work these past whatever years.

    1. Hey, thanks for the note of positivity! I really appreciate it – it’s always nice knowing that something I wrote resonated with someone.

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