It’s difficult to live in a grey world

I’m so humbly grateful that so many people care about my person that we’re seeing color again. Not a lot, but enough. Enough for a bit of hope.

…so here’s some color

Art from Indian Landing elementary school

Everything in my life is grey – the weather, the food, the smells, everything.

But, from time-to-time, there are spots of color and I didn’t want to end my year, or yours, in the grey. So here’s a list of them:

  • Alison’s completely conscious and remembering more now. She still forgets a lot, but I remind her.
  • She just started intensive PT/OT and she’s moved her left hand and leg again. It’s not much, but it’s something.
  • I’m sleeping on a cot now, instead of the floor, so that’s a plus.
  • Friends and strangers keep asking how they can help and offering us food, places to stay in the UES, and babysitting. And they mean it.
  • Some children from Indian Landing elementary school sent us some drawings to cheer us up.
  • One of her cousins as well as several of her friends have sent us a ton of food. Including chili. Chili makes everything better.
  • Neighbors have constantly been checking in on us, including in our building and even next door.

And finally, the donations. Feel a bit like George Bailey at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life.

  • Both Alison and I have had relatives, friends, complete strangers, exes, and neighbors – both long-lost and current – donate.
  • The number of LJ and blog readers that have donated is also pretty jaw-dropping. I’ve always felt these relationships mattered and this really bore it out. My friend Joceyln just wrote about us in her blog, from the other side of the world.
  • My fencing instructor – and HIS instructor, as well – and our students past and present, and those of related schools, have donated.
  • My gym – Radical MMA – has had no less than three fundraisers, and too many individual members of my gym have donated, including the owner and his wife.

There are just too many people to thank but we will try, as the days and weeks get better, we will try. I promise.

My long-time readers know that I’ve always had a dim view of humanity.

I stand corrected. The fact that all of you set my wife apart means that I’m wrong.

That means more to me than you could possibly imagine.

And your kindness may legitimately help us save her because a recent study said that those that live a life of gratitude make better decisions.

I believe it because the fact of the matter is that I’ve been crippled by grief, unable to do much beyond function.

But I am so humbly grateful that so many people care about my person that we’re seeing color again. Not a lot, but enough. Enough to keep trying. Enough for a bit of hope.

Thank you, everyone.

Her: I had a good day today, I think.
Me: If you had a good day, then I had a good day.


Location: At the end of 2015, the best and worst year of our lives
Mood: grateful
Music: I set you apart. Tell me your secrets

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4 replies on “It’s difficult to live in a grey world”

Logan, it’s so heartwarming to know that so many people have reached out to support you! I’m grateful that I could help in a small way. Keep hoping, keep believing, and know we’re all behind you.

Thanks so much, Jocelyn, for everything. We’re trying our best to stay hopeful, as difficult as that is.

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