One more surgery down, one more cancelled

Just waiting for some improvement

Wife at the hospital surrounded by doctors.

She survived the last surgery a-ok. But, like always, it’s the recovery that eludes us.

She was actually scheduled for surgery eight today but it was cancelled at the last minute again because the doc wanted to give the last surgery a little more time.

The problem is that it’s been over a week and there’s been no change. The last, 7th, surgery was supposed to fix something with her but it didn’t. And this latest surgery was cancelled. So we continue to wait.

She sleeps most of the time. I sit with her most days in the hospital. She hasn’t improved at all so we’re still in the ICU, which is upsetting. Yet she continues to inspire me.

In the meanwhile, the boy has started to crawl. And neither his mother nor I were around to see it. It’s the little things we miss that hurt the most, I think.

Did find a moment to bring him to see his grandparents out in Queens over the weekend. That was the one bright spot in an otherwise dark week.

Dad: He looks just like you when you were a kid.
Me: Thanks.
Dad: So fat. Soooooo fat. Look at those legs!
Me: Thanks, dad.


Location: her bedside
Mood: weathered
Music: Command me to be well

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4 Replies to “One more surgery down, one more cancelled”

  1. Well F. Holding strong in your corner, sending love, and support from the other side of the country.

    1. Thanks so much, Jess. I know you have so much of your own fight to deal with. We’re all in it together.

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