Halloween 2016

The last time I posted a pic of Alison, all hell broke loose a few days later. But we can’t live in fear, can we? So here are some Halloween pics.

Alison and the kid say Hello again

Me, Alison, and the kid
The last time I posted a pic of Alison, all hell broke loose a few days later. But we can’t live in fear, can we?

Me: The past few days have been pretty good, all things considered…
Her: That’s good to hear.
Me: …so don’t screw it up.


A year ago, around this time, Alison was close to nine months pregnant and super excited for this (2016) Halloween to happen. I remember that we discussed all the possible things we might do.

She never thought then, of course, that she’d be battling for her life for most of 2016.

Man, who’d ever think such a thing?

Anywho, woke her up yesterday and showed her the kid as Batman and she smiled. Alison’s mother and I put her in a Batgirl shirt and I put on a Nightwing shirt, for those of you that know what that means.

Then we took the picture you see above.

Her best friend stopped by, unexpectedly, as well so they chatted like old times.

It wasn’t the Halloween we had hoped for last year. But it wasn’t all bad. Any day she’s happy’s a good day.

Her: (laughing) I’ll do my best.

Batman hears a call for help

Commissioner Gordon: What is it?
Batman: Danger, Commissioner. Danger. (leaps)

The kid, sleeping

Commissioner: Did you just fall down?
Batman: ….No


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4 replies on “Halloween 2016”

Loved that! Praying fervently for you both always.
“Casting all your care upon Him, because He cares for you”.
I Peter 5:7

Thanks, June! We’ll take all prayers and well-wishes. All the best to the G clan as well.

Just want you to know that not a day has gone by over the last year in which Alison, you, precious Nathan and both of your families have not been in my heart and prayer. I think of you daily with the hope that Alison will be miraculously healed; I pray this will be so. I marvel at your strength and courage and endurance. You have shown all of us who read your blog what it means to love another in the truest, most real sense of the word. These last few days you have especially been in my thoughts, knowing Nathan just celebrated his first birthday (Happy Birthday, Nathan!!) and Alison is about to reach the one year mark of this tragic illness. Please know that our care, concern and prayer for all of you continues….
Nancy Heck

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