When it rains, it pours

You would think my week would improve. You would be mistaken.

Future reference

After my disastrous week last week, one would think that my week would improve.

But, dear reader, you know that my luck is always of the stripe you don’t want.

Case-in-point, I had a young lady here the other night.

Her: I like the heat, but this is ridiculous. (looking at thermometer) It’s 88 degrees in here!
Me: I think my AC may be broken.
Her: No kidding…

Turns out that BOTH my ACs – which I just got when Alison was sick to keep her comfortable – aren’t working. So, I spent today trying to schedule someone to come in and just happened to get someone in tomorrow.

But, in the middle of scheduling it, my internet goes out. Turns out my physical cable’s bad, so I stop scheduling the AC repair so I can schedule the cable company to come in tomorrow.

As I pull up my calendar, I also realize that I’ve got workmen here tomorrow to┬árepair part of my building’s brick wall.

Finally, it’s supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow so I may also find out if my flooding issue is actually fixed.

For serious, home ownership isn’t at all what it’s cracked up to be.

Like I said, when it rains, it pours.

Me: Dessert?
Lviv: What no tea?
Me: I didn’t know you wanted any.
Her: I don’t think you’re really dating that many people from my country as you say. There’s no such thing as dessert without tea or coffee for us.
Me: I’ll file that away for future reference.

Podcast Version
Location: my 92 degree apartment
Mood: still exhausted, man
Music: I’m tryna fix this damage, yeah (Spotify)
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