Then they started cutting open my floor

Do it

My friend Jen guessed what I guessed, that I got my infections at one of the times the place flooded, with my hands bailing water like mad. It was pretty gross and I knew that I pulled a splinter out of my hand while painting.

Father-in-law: You’re telling me that you can’t even paint without needing medical help?
Me: Clearly, your daughter married down.
Him: (laughing) That I knew.
Me: (laughing) Why do you kick a man when he’s down, sir?

Had a pretty fitful sleep because the very next day, two more plumbers arrived promptly at 9AM to try to resolve this issue.

They cut open my wall, found a pipe, cut that pipe open, cleaned it, and started packing to leave at around noon.

Them: It’s clean, there’s nothing there. But, we did fix a crack that needed to be repaired.
Me: That’s impossible, there must be another pipe.
Them: Probably not. Besides, the only way to see is if we jackhammer your concrete floor and brick wall.
Me: Do it.
Them: What if there’s no second pipe?
Me: There will be. Do it.

So, they had a chipper/small jackhammer delivered – honest-to-god, you can get anything delivered in NYC these days – and then they started cutting open my floor.

Three hours later…

Them: OK, we found a second pipe. We need to dig out enough of it to cut it. Keep jackhammering?
Me: In for a penny, in for a pound. Yeah.

Four hours after that…

Them: It was this. (they hold up a small rusted lid) It got into your system somehow and backed up all the sediment you see here.
Me: God, if it wouldn’t be weird, I’d give you both a hug.
Them: (blank stares)
Me: I’m…not actually going to give either of you hugs.

All-in-all, they were here maybe ten hours and I have a gaping hole in my basement floor and wall. Still, it rained yesterday and today and there wasn’t a lick of problem.

Which is not to say that it was all smooth sailing after that but this entry’s getting long so I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow.

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