Cascading consequences

A break in the usual nuthin to discuss how Trump didn’t think of the cascading consequences of his actions.


Me: You’re not thinking of the cascading consequences.
Her: What are they?
Me: Let’s say you meet someone today. You chat, etc. You meet up in, say, September. Figure like six months of casual dating and you two lock it down, it’s now March 2023. You’re 35 then. You guys date for two years before you decide you’re right for each other, it’s now 2025, and you’re 37. You get engaged for a year, you’re now 38. You want to be a young married couple for a year without kids, making you 39. Then you decide you wants kids and try. Figure the first year isn’t great, and then you get pregnant, you’re now 41 with a kid. That’s even assuming the guy wants a kid in the first place.
Her: Well, now I’m stressed out even more!
Me: Sorry. All I’m saying is that you obviously still love him and he loves you. Just have him join my gym and that COVID weight will come right off. 15 pounds isn’t the end of the world.
Her: You just like him because he’s rich.
Me: See – I think of the cascading consequences. Have him join the gym. Shame he doesn’t have a sister.

Trump’s in alla this legal trouble right now, least of which is because of the FBI raid on his house.

I think most people would say that he’s in a quandary of his own making, and that’s true, but not in the way most people think.

See, he and the other GOPers have always needed a boogeyman to rail against and they picked Hillary and Biden to play that role.

For her part, Hillary was supposed to have mishandled classified information/documents. So, when Trump was president in 2018, he signed into law a bill that made mishandling and keeping classified information a felony.

I suspect he did this to have the chance to actually “lock her up,” without fully thinking of the cascading consequences of his actions, knowing that he was a sloppy and relatively stupid man.

Check that, knowing himself, he didn’t even fully think of the direct consequences of his actions.

Add this action to McCarthy refusing to have GOP members on the Jan6th committee and we see a group of people that barely consider the direct consequences of their actions, let alone the cascading ones.

It’s with more than a little schadenfreude that I sit back and watch alla this unfold.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fella.

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3 replies on “Cascading consequences”

As a long time reader and fake Internet friend, I hope you’re doing as well as you could be given everything you have gone thru. I also wish for you to have someone you can be completely honest about your life and be yourself and have them love you as you are because I think you’re pretty great. Logan, you deserve that for yourself. No one will ever truly heal the hurt of losing precious loved ones but I hope that one day you find someone who you can help you love over your pain. I always think of you and admire you for doing the thing and not completely shutting down as I feel I would if I experienced the same circumstances.

I also spent much of my life in the library every summer and while books were my friends, in my adulthood I feel broken because I didn’t experience relationships during those pivotal years. You’re not alone in that. Toss reading the whole Bible 30 chapters at a time and boy am I fun at parties now.

I know you’re ok but my heart hurts when I read your posts because I just feel like it’s not fair. I feel sadness and injustice.

I will always remember you taking the time to give me advice on New York spots when my friend and I visited for my 32nd birthday. It’s been a long long long long time since I’ve been back… Maybe that was even my last trip to NY, now that I think about it. Passed thru on a train before COVID. Anyhow, those were fun times and better times. Felt like life was a lot simpler and less headache invoking.

Though I want you to be happy and strong, I hate when people say that shit to me so I’m just going to tell you to be you. Don’t get in your own way and give people a reason to break up before you even get started. Saying this out of love because you’re not just great because the bar is low. Wishing you a great week and the finale to the summer. ♥️

Whoa, thanks for taking the time to write all this. I don’t know if people get two chances in life at wonderful relationships with a committed partner. I had one and perhaps that’s all I’ll get – and if that’s the case, I’m happy to have had it in the first place.

People – especially people I date – wonder why I bother to have this blog. To them, it seems more trouble than it’s worth. And there are times I agree.

And then someone like you leaves a comment like this and I’m glad I kept writing when everyone else stopped.

I don’t really know who reads my blog, if anyone, so it’s nice knowing that someone does and cares.

Have a wonderful rest of summer!

If you only write this journal for yourself I feel like it’s still useful and therapeutic. I hate journaling and every therapist tells me to journal. But I did it cuz it’s part of my medicine. And just putting it into words gets me out of my head. I say the exact same thing but just on paper. It’s weird. I’ll always read your blog in some way, so you have me as your loyal reader.

Also you are lucky to have found love once for sure. But I believe you’ll find it again. My dad is over 80 and got married again!

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