Not hanging with the jet-set

Met up with my friend in a place they call, the “Upper East Side.” It’s like the Upper West Side, just…not.

Living below our means

Recently met up with another buddy of mine for dinner on the Upper East Side. Even though it’s just across the park, it really is like a different world.

He had just got back from vacation.

Me: (walking in the door and looking around)
Him: I thought you got lost.
Me: I figured you’d be late. Man, I barely recognized you with that tan.

We caught up over copious amount of alcohol, vegetables, and protein.

Him: I’m surprised you’re eating the biscuit.
Me: Eh, I just wanted to try it.
Him: Any good?
Me: No.
Him: Then it’s not worth the carbs. Just eat the wings.
Me: Dammit. I hate when you’re right.

It’s actually getting easier and easier to eat relatively lower-carbs out-and-about, I’m finding.

And I’ve been enjoy this whole alcoholic seltzer trend, which are essentially just variations of vodka sodas.

Him: Here, I got another glass, try this.
Me: (trying it) Damn, that’s good.

We chat mainly on text, but it was good to actually see him. I’m friendly with his sister so I was shocked when he told me that she might be declaring bankruptcy.

Me: Wait, what? She makes more than both of us. AND she married rich.
Him: I know. But if you spend more than you make…
Me: Jesus Christ, how much is she spending?!

I’m always surprised by people that live beyond their means. It’s so foreign to me. But, knowing her, I can see her and her husband keeping up with the Joneses. And they like to hang out with the jet-set crowd.

Me: Man, that’s terrible.
Him: She was always like that, you know that. It was bound to catch up with them at some point.

The beauty of the march of time is that it leaves us all as we truly are. Nothing he said was a huge surprise to me.

But I suppose that’s their story and not mine.

We ended up drinking far more than we should have but I was still able to make it home in one piece.

Always a good thing.

Here’s a pretty song, although I think I like this version better.

Location: earlier tonight on W 18th, wondering if I should get to the ER
Mood: injured
Music: I’ve got a heart permanently bound to you (Spotify)
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