Trampolining in Brooklyn

The kid got invited to a trampoline park in Brooklyn this past weekend so off we went.

Zero nutritional value

The Surgeon dropped me a line the other day. He was bringing his kids to an Urban Air in Brooklyn.

So, bright and early this past weekend, the Firecracker and I, plus both kids, woke up early and headed out to meet up with them.

Because we were up so early, the subway as a whole was pretty empty.

It took a solid 90 minutes from the pad to the place because of alla the subway delays et al.

When we finally arrived, the joint was pretty empty as well.

Took one look at the food options and offered to make a food run since I saw alla these delicious looking delis and bodegas everywhere.

Stepping into one, I ordered a buncha breakfast burritos – the Firecracker wanted bacon in hers but the resta us wanted chorizo.

Him: Why chorizo instead of bacon?
Me: (shrugging) I’m a man.

The kids played for hours.

Legit, hours. From 11:30 to 3:30.

By the time it was 1PM, the joint was packed.

The kids got hungry so some of the other parents ended up picking up food for them.

Me: There’s like zero nutritional value here, kid.
Him: That’s ok.
Me: Is it?

We were there enough that I had time to make another food run for ourselves.

Me: How about a Cuban?
Him: I won’t say no to a Cuban.
Me: Who would really?

Turns out the Firecracker as she’s not a fan of pickles.

Me: What are you, a communist?

One of the kids started saying they wanted to head home so the Surgeon pulled out the big guns.

Him: How about some dipping dots?

That bought us another 30 mins or so.

But only 30 mins or so.

It’s fine. Everyone got their fill of food and fun and we took the train home.

Later on that night, the kid and just had fruit and yoghurt for dinner because we ate so poorly all day.

Let’s see what next weekend brings.

Location: an hour ago, a bar on the UWS with Thor and the NFL Player having an Old Fashioned
Mood: sotted
Music: everywhere we go shout it loud with the crowd everybody knows (Spotify)
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