Alison would have been 45

Once again, Mother’s Day and Alison’s Birthday fall on the same day. I do hate May.

Little chance of that

Teacher: …that’s so great to hear about your mom! Who’s next? What about you, tell us about your mom (points at my son).
Him: She’s dead.
Her: What?!
Him: She’s dead. She died when I was a baby.
Her: (flustered) Oh, oh…I…
Him: Not everyone has a mother, [teacher’s name].

He’s way too mature for his age.

I fucking hate it, sometimes.

Mother Day sucks for the kid and myself.

Wrote his teachers and his afterschool instructors as well to remind them of our situation and I guess this teacher didn’t get the memo.

My kid was pretty fucked up when I got him.

Him: It’s not fair.
Me: It’s not.
Him: Why is she dead?
Me: (sighing) I wish I could give you a good answer.

Once again, Mother’s Day and Alison’s Birthday fall on the same day.

Which is about as shitty a coincidence as I could imagine.

Years ago…

Me: …being poor and hungry again, I think. And you? What are you most afraid of?
Alison: (thinking) Being forgotten, I suppose.
Me: (laughing) Well, as long as I’m alive, there’s little chance of that.

Yeah, as long as the kid and I are alive – for better or worse – there’s little chance of that.

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4 replies on “Alison would have been 45”

I’m so sorry that teacher didn’t get the memo 🙁 “”” I would’ve just cried and fell silent.
I had a shitty day myself regarding a teacher I work with. She literally canceled a 3 year old’s sadness. He’s a loner and he felt like crying. he was sad. I took him to the bathroom and washed him up and he was good. When I come into the classroom. She continues to say to everybody in front of him that “big kids don’t cry”/ and kept on asking why were you crying.. OMG… like he’s not a talker, why would he want to tell you why… there is no why, you feel what you feel and that’s all… 🙁 She just went on and on, as if boys are not allowed to cry; wtf! It brought back my traumas from my childhood when my grandfather died and I couldn’t tell my teachers because I was left behind here while my family went to the funeral overseas. And all the other people who passed in my lifetime.

I’m still mad about what’ happened today. Ignorant, unfeeling, nasty people piss me off. That was a deal breaker. I’m quitting Thursdays.
My nephew was born on Mother’s day 10 years ago too. Wishing for better days.

Sckim – I’m so sorry to read what happened to you; that sounds awful.

Yeah, I don’t think people realize how innocuous things can be cruel to certain people.

As for quitting, yikes! Hopefully, this is the right decision for you to make but I do hope you’re not being rash? Regardless, all the best from casa Lo!

You would not believe the amount of times I said, “What the actual fuck?!” this week, Pez…

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