Well, that’s my cue

I’m off to give a presentation – wish me luck

By the time you read this, I’ll be giving a lecture downtown so I didn’t have much time to write much.

Did have a new weekend though; met up with Paul and WM at Dive 75 when a redhead decided to sit down next to us and started to chat with us when her very inebriated friend came over to join us and spilled a drink all over me, Syd, and my jacket.

Me: Well, that’s my cue to leave.

Ended up at home and told my wife who immediately went online to look for ways to get stains outta leather.

Actually wrote a post in her blog on how to make a basic chicken stock if you want to read more of my nonsense.

OK, off to lecture…

Mood: nerdy
Music: such a fool for you. You got me wrapped around your finger
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Meet Syd

Got a new camera and named her Syd

As I said, it didn’t work out with me and Fiona. I need a camera with anti-shake – you know why. So, above is my new camera – Syd (after Sydney Wayser).



Her: That’s cheating.
Me: I don’t say I’m gay, they just ask and I politely decline to answer. Besides, how’s it cheating?
Her: It’s dishonest! You’re not gay and you should tell them right away.
Me: (rolling eyes) Please. Men don’t wear three-inch heels, makeup, or anything that starts with the words “push up.” What you see is what you get. I assure you, there’s been more than one time when I don’t even recognize the girl the next time around.
Her: (ignoring comment) So how to they find out you’re not?
Me: (laughing) That’s a whole different conversation.


Me: I have no idea why I keep meeting chicks that are so young.
Her: I think it’s how you dress.
Me: (puzzled) How I dress? How should I dress?
Her: Have you ever thought about shopping at the Gap?
Me: (pause) No.

Location: 9:40 yest, the Midtown Tunnel
Mood: possibly sick again
Music: no sympathy come around and I’m in between the layers

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