No Stopping Anytime

No stopping sign in NYC

Me: (in bed at 12:01AM) Happy New Year!
Her: (turning around) Happy new year – g’night.

Well, it’s 2012. But you already knew that.

S’funny, when you’re younger, you want to stay up till midnight; when you’re older, you try to make make it to midnight. Was thinking that this was the year I’d stop writing the blog but it’s still like my bed of reeds, the place to tell things.

Been tweaking the manuscript with the help of an editor and she’s been great. Hopefully, when she’s done, it’ll be solid and ready to roll. If you’re interested in an advanced read, lemme know.

Every time I finish one project, got another one waiting. There’s some weird thing in me where I can’t just let things well enough alone. Suppose it’s some innate need to always be busy.

One project is that I’m trying to get done is buy out my buddy that owns my pad with me. In Manhattan, the average price per square foot of an apartment is $1,238 so my friend and I took a chance about a decade ago and bought our pad together.

He’s moved out to the burbs with his wife and kid so I’m trying to make some things happen. It’s even more stressful than it was back then cause so much more is on the line now. Plus, got the cursea age and knowledge now – two things I didn’t have the first time around.

Me: Think I took a lot more chances when I was younger.
Him: Think we all did.

There’s a point where y’stop doing things and taking those chances. And study after study shows that the sooner you stop, the sooner you die.

So, I’m off to work on some contracts, wrassle, eat some chili, work some more, tweak the manuscript, eat…it goes on.

There really is no stopping anytime.


Admin note: For 2012, one resolution will be to regularly update this blog every Monday at 9AM, and most Wednesdays at 9AM. Just FYI…

Location: back in fronta the desk, ready to get stuff done.
Mood: anxious
Music: sometimes I find myself reeling, twisting, and rolling in a plastic sea