Wedding stuff in Jerz

And some eating in Queens

Anthony Bourdain’s death really rattled me. Been trying to think of a way to write about it and started and stopped some entries a dozen times.

Thought I had something and then a suicide of a friend-of-a-(good)friend in New Jersey rocked me. That deserves a lot more than a quick sentence here but it’s not my story to tell

Man, suicide’s such crazy thing: It just transfers agonizing pain from one person to others.

Speaking of pain and New Jersey, when Alison and I got hitched, we had alla these wedding gifts from our friends and family.

They were mainly for a house in the suburbs that we’ll never see – flatware, chinaware, crock pots, etc. My tiny Manhattan pad couldn’t house alla it so it stayed with relatives out in Jerz.

This past weekend, Gymgirl’s brother got hitched in NJ. Coincidentally, the place where the wedding took place was only 30 minutes from Alison’s parent’s house.

So I reluctantly rang up her mom to finally deal with all those wedding gifts and she hauled alla it back to her place. That must have sucked for her. It sucked for me putting it into my whip.

Now I’ve got things like serving dishes and crystal serving bowls that I have no idea what to do with.

Cause they were for a life that never happened and remind me that it never will. F__k.

Interestingly, the wedding was the first time I’d met Gymgirl’s family. I’d met her older brother during that ER trip a few months back but not the rest.

Her other brother was the one getting hitched. I think I’d gotten out most of my grief at Alison’s family’s house. But I did have to step outside a bit just to get my head on straight.

Otherwise, the wedding was nice and different enough from mine that I didn’t get too messed up, mentally.

The next day, the Gymgirl and I returned the car I’d borrowed from my family to Queens and also picked up the kid. Although before we did that, we went to that food court in Flushing I’d gone to before.

Wish I had pics of everything but I was too out of it to take them.

Not been sleeping well the past week. Everything’s fuzzy again.

Location: two floors up showing an apartment with the kid
Mood: tired
Music: No tomorrow without a yesterday

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