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Why you shouldn’t buy random women drinks

I rarely, if ever, buy a girl a drink.

Something about that whole process I find gives the guy the short end of the stick. The times when I am asked by a girl to buy her a drink, I always say the same thing, “I buy my friends drinks, which you could be but are not yet, and the women I date drinks…same deal.”

Met another girl, L, recently that I’ve been orbiting around for the past two months. My friend Jon was in town and L said we should meet up with her and her friends. The friends happened to be three other guys.

That’s five guys for one L, for the mathematically challenged.

I just spent the time catching up with Jon.

Pretty soon L comes up to me and we talk a bit. She wants a drink. I tell her that she has a job to do now: she has to get drinks from any other guy in the bar except me but spend the rest of the night with me.

She says she’s on it.

She manages to get several drinks in exchange for a few minutes of chit-chat while Jon and I are laughing to ourselves.

To top it off, she slides me a drink or two and we later slip into the back and spend a bit of time together.

Moral: Only buy your friends drinks.

Otherwise, you’re just buying a guy like me a drink.

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